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Major Damage!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by treehugger, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. WOW!!! I was driving back to work today from lunch when I passed a dead turkey along the highway in the median. Ahead of me on the other side of the highway about 50 yards away I noticed a fairly new pickup truck pulled off the road. As I approached I could see through the back window of the truck that the windshield was shattered. I slowed and looked back at the truck as I passed and the entire windshield was shattered beyond being able to see through it. I could see the point of impact was just right of the center of the windshield toward the passenger side. It was a major hit!!! First it was deer collisions now the turkey collision rate is going to climb due to increased turkey numbers. Maybe we can get to an either sex bird in the spring sometime soon.
  2. Two spring birds could be instituted in some areas of Southern Indiana, right now. There was a gobbler hit and dead near my new lease in Owen County the other day. One less!:banghead3

  3. Seen 2 toms struttin over a hen yesterday. They couldn't have been more than 10-12 off the side of the road. Maybe someone will invent one of those whistle things ,that go on your bumper to scare deer, that'll work on turkeys. :coco:
  4. Try having your buddy drive by and lob a 25 pound bowling ball at his windshield as he passes @ 65 mph................

    ............I am convinced there are Turkey/Auto Collision hits that have caused fatalities.

    Those birds are BIG.
  5. WOW, Tree I bet the truck was a Chevy, they are weak anyway. OUCH that would hurt
  6. I have never seen a turkey flavored road pizza, but there have been several canada geese hit on I-65 around Lafayette.

    I hit a chicken with a pick-up 65 mph....think Randy Johnson vs sea gull.
  7. 410 dosent get out to much driving a Ford:( its nice to have guys post things like this!!!!
  8. a couple of years ago i had a hen fly into the side of my truck...took off the side mirror and scratched the chit out of the side of the truck...could have been alot worse...and didn't even kill the bird!