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Make your own rods?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by ice dude, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Iwas just wondering if anyone else makes their own ice fishing rods?

    I have been making my own i ce rods for about 3 yrs now. I have made them from 12"- 30". These are the most sensitive felxible rods i have used. the long ones you can tye in a knot. i love my rods. the only problem i see with them is that when the wind blows it makes it hard to see your bite. That is why i had to buy a Fish Trap pro.

    If anyone would like to make their own rods let me know and i could help you get started and give you a couple of tips i have learned. If you already make your own and would like to save a couple of $ on blanks, i am getting ready to place an order with Netcraft, so if you need a couple of blanks or cork handle material i can put it on my order, i will order around the middle of August.

    I also make my own ice jigs and flies.
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  2. got me curious...send me a pic of some of the rods you have made....

  3. i can do that i dont have a digital so i will have to get some film developed. when i do i will put the pics on here.
  4. i too have been looking at building my own rods would like to know more .have been looking at cabelas have carbons blanks for 4.00 a peice from ul .to h . action rods.
  5. i use fiberglass blanks and i make them ultra ultra ultra light. you cant work the carbon thin enough and still keep it strong enough to catch a 12" gill without it breaking. and if you dont make them soft enough you might as well use a bobber.
    i only pay around 2.50 for my blanks.
    if you plan on say jiggin bass or walleyes, the carbon blanks would be fine try like a medium - m-heavy, you will want about 1 eyelet every 6" or so. but i dont make stiff rods.

    if you want more info send me a p.m.
  6. ok Where are all you Ice Fisherman, i signed up to this site in the winter and there were a lot of ppl on here chating about ice fishing and the like but now that it is summer none of you come on or what?

    i expected to get a good response from this thread.
  7. I've been thinking about making some rods again. Made a couple a few years back. I have the stuff now to make two fly rods, just got to get them done. I tie a lot of ice flies. If anyone wants to learn about that process let me know!
  8. Never made a big rod only ice rods. so did you buy those as kits or are they split bamboo?
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    It's tough to troll in the winter;)
  10. the blanks I have are IM 6 graphite
  11. Just a thought Ice Dude, can you hear that noise? It's after the middle of July and you know what that means weather wise. Thst's right, that noise we're hearing is the lakes makin ice baby! Very soon. Oh this time for sure I am gonna crack up before winter gets here.
  12. Im ready, all my rods have good jigs tied on auger blades are sharp and bucket is ready for first ice. It will be here very soon.
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    There are probably a lot of guys, like me, who never ice fished....but I still like to read the keep it up
  14. You should try it, You can get some really nice pike and some good crappie not very far from your house.
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    # 1...I'd fall in
    # 2...not sure if I have the patience
    # 3...only have a person powered auger
    # 4...I'm too busy chasing Pheasant around
    # 5...If my dog can't be with me...:tongue: