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Manistee Report

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by goggleye57, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Left Northeast Indiana Friday, at about 9:00 pm. Got to the Manistee Lake ramp at about 2:30 am. Raining hard. Slept in the truck. On the water at 5:30 am. At first we were the only folks on the lake and nothing was showing up on the fishfinder. Were we too early? A bunch of driving for nothin'? A couple of more boats moved in and the daylight peeked out. Then the fish started moving through. My buddy Chris missed a couple of strikes and I finally hooked up with a big Chinook. Fought him for quite a while. It takes a little while to get them in on a 7 foot ugly stick and light line. Then he wraps around the anchor line and he is gone! We vertical jig with spoons for quite a while and I hook up again and I catch a 19 lb female, then another just like it! Then Chris catches 3 in a row. One a big male over 20 lbs. His arms are aching. Its about noon and we have five in the cooler. We fish on and I hook up twice more and lose them both close to the boat. The lures pop out as they swirl on top, close to being able to net them. We fish a while longer and I'm ready to quit for a while, us old guys need sleep, besides I had close to 30 lbs of salmon meat to deal with already.

    We drove around scoping out spots for the next trip later in September to fish for salmon on the river, and Chris had to get home. I drank a 24 oz coffee and we headed down US 131. When we left the Wellston, Manistee area it was sunny, breezy and in the upper 60's, I didn't want to head South. Got home at about 9:00 pm. A good 24 hours!:)
  2. Awesome goggleye!!! What a day. Got any pics?

  3. My wife took a couple when I got home but my home computer is down :mad:
    she emailed me one
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  4. Now those are nice! Did you cure out the spawn for your river run?
  5. sweet lookin fish you got there.only get to see them in pictures,nothing like that down here.
  6. HOGS!!!!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  7. Fishfry at Goggle's house! :grouphug:
  8. Nice pics, and nice job hoofin it up there! That is a long day, and I am betting they were worth it.
  9. I'll throw the smoker in the truck!:evil:
  10. Any recommendations on curing the eggs? I have used borax before?
  11. Those are some nice looking Kings.
  12. HOGS! great job! ill be heading up to river fish in that area in the next 3 -4 weeks!
  13. Leaving tonight again after school - should be in the water by 1 am with my camera flash to light up the fluorescent green lures. Also taking a bigger net this time :)