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Manistee this Weekend!

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by goggleye57, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. We are going up to Manistee for some salmon fishing this weekend. We vertical jig at the mouth of the river in Manistee Lake. You can fish out of a small boat. If the trip times out right you can catch some chinooks. Anyone hear any reports yet from up that way?
  2. Goggleye....I have some great memories of salmon fishing trips to MI. We used to go to Muskegon, Allegan (sp?), Croton Dam (Newaygo), Baldwin. Usually 4 of us would rent an RV and head up for a 3 day weekend in mid-October...just an awesome time of year up there and those salmon, what fighters.

  3. Its a peak moment to be vertical jigging up and down and fasten on to a 30 lb salmon 10 feet right under the boat! :bowdown:
  4. I'm not sure what time they are in manistee lake so I wouldnt be much help but I know they run through the river in mid to late oct. Let me know how you do, that sounds like an awesome time!

    The guys on there should be able to give you what you're looking for....But from what i hear this weekend should be prime at manistee, the joe, holland
  6. Fellas, I work at Gander Mountain in the fishing dept. and have guys coming in asking me stuff constantly, but don't have enough experience to help them much. What do you use to jig for those fish???

    I hear that fish in the Southern part of the Lake are still in deep water. Is this true?? Anybody catching anything in the rivers themselves yet? Can I get some advice from my Salmonoid fishing buddies here?
  7. Life prior to children

    My wife and I used to fish the Manistee and the AuSable every fall. I haven't fished near the river mouth, but upstream on the Manistee flies in a caddis larva (known as a green caddis) are fantastic for the brown trout there.
    On the AuSable, we often used spinning tackle with simple orange lead head jigs tipped with a white pork strip trailer (like one would use bass fishing).
    As always fish with one of those Gander Mountain hats on, that way if you don't catch fish, people will just look and nod knowingly and not comment harshly.
  8. Sorry Dean...I only give fishing tips to family and close friends, you know kinda' like the 30% discount thingy. You understand don't you?