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many more days like this....

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by rico, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. 95 degrees....where in the h$$l is my g** d*** ice?
  2. The auger is sharpened and the vexilar is ready to go! My wife says I can even get an aquaview!!!
    :yikes: :)

  3. bring it on....give me carharts over this stuff....come on
  4. i agree lets go hard water.i'm thinking about buying a power auger. at 26 i'm getting to old for that hand stuff, lol.
  5. Gas Auger

    The gas auger is the only thing I am going to buy for next year. I am also 26 and the hand auger drilling is for the amish
  6. 38...and i still use a spud!lol:coco:
  7. i got 3 hand augers and a spud, when i get my gas auger i could sell you one.
  8. nope 2 5's and an 8. i will probably sell one of the 5" lazer. used 2 years and i just put new blades on it. but i'm a tightwod so i probably wont buy a new but i can get a brand new gas 8" for just over $200. if i get it i will let you know. my one buddy has a 4" spoon type auger hewants to get rid of if you know anyone how is into collectibles it was made in northern MI back in the late 30's. he wants like $125.
  9. i want a 4" lazer...there is a guy down here that collects old fishing tackle...i will check with him on the old spoon...i got one myself, it is what i started with.
  10. I had a 4 or 5 inch spoon auger. It worked great for a couple years then the blade got dull and was hard to sharpen to I just threw it away about 2 months ago when I moved. Now I use a 5 inch Lazer, which works great until you get over 8 inches of ice, then no matter what hand auger you have drilling sucks.