Marlin model 88

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  1. Hey guys, do any of you shooting gurus have any knowledge about parts for a 22 cal. model 88 Marlin.Made in the late 40's to early 50's. It used to be a really nice gun, shot great etc. The stock was crack, then was broken. The feed tude (through the buttstock) was bent slightly, and I'm missing one of the small pins in the trigger assembly. I have had no luck with finding parts....... Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just getting around to restoring it, just finished up a 1964 model 70 Winchester - yes it was made in 1964, not before or after. Looks great and shoots like a champ. The .22 was my dad's second gun and I would really like to fix it up and give it back to him. Thanks.
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  2. Theres a place in Flint IN called the Flint Gunshop. Its off of US 20 past the angola airport there. YOull see a big sign to turn right and follows that road down just follow the signs. Its an old shop and more than likely can help you out finding parts. Really kind of a neat place give them a call or stop in and check that place.

  3. I have bought gun parts from eBay. There is also a sight called that is an auction service like eBay but they sell firearms. If you are the winning bidder on a gun it gets shipped to your local gun dealer or anyone with an FFL to take care of the paper work.
  4. Thanks guys, but I took matters into my own hands a made the part myself. Works great, accurate as hell. Just need to finish refinishing the stock and I'll be good to go. I actually found a site with a blown up diagram of the gun itself and went from there.