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    I was wondering what your opinions are with the retail giants, Walmart ect. I used to shop them but dont anymore. I gave it up when trying to deal with some of the sporting goods "associates". I have found myself to be a much happier person when dealing with local dealers. I know you will pay a bit more at these shops but by golly I think its worth it to talk to someone with a passion for our sports. How many times have you left Walmart with a gun in your mouth?? I really enjoy doing my trading with local down to earth sportsman that make their living dealing with items they use and believe in. I support the little man. Even though it cost me a few more bucks in the long run, I feel im well ahead not dealing with the headache of retail giants.
  2. For all archery related items (bows, arrows, releases, climber stands, etc.) I deal with a local bow shop where I get personal attention from someone who knows what he is doing and what he is talking about. He is a seasoned bow hunter and understands what hunters need and want. And as an added bonus I get the equipment from him at a cost less than what the "big box" stores will sell it to me for...and he services what he sells. When it comes to purchasing guns I have done a little of both but when there is a problem, if ever, I always consult with a local gun shop...the 17 year old behind the counter at Wally doesn't know the difference between a muzzleloader and a paint ball gun.

  3. Seeing as how I am just a fisherman, I always buy my rods and reels from the big boys. But bait and tackle is a different story. I, myself, feel more comfortable with the little guy. And sometimes it is worth the extra buck just to get some info on where they have been catching them!!!!!!!
  4. balance

    I own a national franchise Jiffylube but also own an independent carwash. both sides have its ups and downs buying power allows me to be competitive but small town atmosphere is what keeps my business going. same with outdoor products i buy high door items where i get the most bang for the buck but buy accessories from local shops. big buisness does not put the small guy out infact i think it makes them better if the opporate their business wisely.
  5. Be thankful you have a bow shop like that around you, Randy. I got tired of the lack of knowledge and poor service at my local shops, so I learned how to do all that stuff myself, which has certainly saved me money in the long run.
  6. I agree DBurris...the local bow shop was a little concerned when Gander Mountain came to town...his business hasn't suffered one bit, in fact it has probably increased. People will go where they get the best deal for their dollar and have someone they can go back to for personal service...something you don't get from the Marts.
  7. Little of both

    For odds and ends, it's usually quicker hitting the big stores. For archery stuff, I have a favorite little place I go where that is their specialty.

    I know of one sporting goods shop in Warsaw I avoid, the guys that run it are just jerks, it's a shame.

    I order a fairly large % of my stuff on-line, Cabela's, and Natural Gear rock my world.
  8. I Prefer To Buy Alot Of My Stuff From Cabelas. Alot Of The Small Stuff That I Need In A Hurry I Try To Purchase From The Smaller Guys. I See It Both Ways, I Like To Help The Little Guys, But Honestly They Do Not Always Have The Best Products To Choose From.
  9. i buy my guns and most archery equip. from small places or pro shops. most of the people at walmart sporting goods no nothing other than to take it off the shelf and let you see it. you ask them anything other than that you'll get the deer in the headlight look.
  10. definition of big?

    here in indy.....gander mountain is the small guy. I have found they have knowlegeable people behind the specialty counter ie guns archery and fishing. The musky guide Randy and I used worked in the fishing department at gander part time to get discount on supplies. Their department manager in archery is an officer of the IBHA. Being a local business owner, I have always tried to support the local mom and pops as often as I can. I would have to say I consider the specialty stores gander cabelas etc different from the walmart, k-mart, dicks sporting goods etc.

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    If I want to buy bait/tackle, I'll go to the Tri State (near the outlet mall in Fremont). They have a good selection of what I use.

    For rods and reels, it's always Cabelas...for odds and ends, the big boys are fine.
  12. I think I remember in Rainman that "K-Mart Sucks"!!! Although K-Mart isn't the player it once was...Wal-Mart is still a good place to purchase fishing line, shells, etc. I buy most of my gear through Cabela's. I buy good fishin' rods at local shops because the service is better. One word of warning...Do NOT buy a gun from Wal-Mart under any circumstances. You may get lucky and get a good one, but remember the sale is final once you purchase it. If it malfunctions, or has some oddity that you didn't catch in the're S.O.L once it leaves the store!!!!! If Sam Walton was still alive maybe it wouldn't be so bad....
  13. Cabela's :cwm27: When I was fishing Saturday a guy was messing with his new trolling motor he just got from Cabela' quit working after he got out on the lake...he spent the day rowing a 15 foot deep V. I feel sorry for the customer service rep that takes his call :cwm27:
  14. customer service

    that is the one big thing you roll the dice on when going mail order or ebay......return policy!