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Maryvilles Lake, Maryville In

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Noftheriver, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. If ya like pay lakes ya gotta check this one out.
    I got 22.5 lbs of sweet tasting catfish on Friday.
    They stock regular with canadian cats.
    Bait shop has everything ya need.
    Good people, good family eniviroment.

    I try to go at least once a week...(I wish) maybe once every two weeks.

  2. Hwy 62 from Jeffersonville In, 8 miles to hwy 3 Charlestown turn left go 12 miles to Stucker Rd on right.
    OR: 65 to Sellersburg to 31 go 1.5 miles to 403 turn right go 5 miles to Charlestown, Turn left go 10 Miles to Stucker rd.
    OR: 65 to Scottsburg take 56 east 5 miles to hwy 3 turn right go 3 m iles to Stucker rd.

    They are on Google Earth also. Best pay-lake I have been to yet.
    Make sure you go when the barometer is falling,They stock on Thursdays. Give the fish a day or so to get used to the water they will bite Friday, Sat. They are closed Sunday.They are church going people, real nice, honest.They will honestly feel bad if you dont catch nothing.He comes and looks me up evertime I come to make sure I know whats they are biting on.
    I mix my own bait for a dollar I will let the secret out;)

    Fish the points and down by the slate rocks you will get some good cats.
    I will post the pics of last week as soon as he sends them to me.
    I got 8 fish 22.5 lbs.

    I move around sometimes to find the honey holes. Sometimes I set up camp and stay till the cows come home.
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  3. thanks for the info , will take the kids some weekend. how much $ to camp?
  4. $12 per adult for 12 hours. They are not chasing ya down if your late getting out the next morn.
    Last time I went I stayed all night and up until 10 am about 16 hours no hassle.
    Kids, I am not sure on the price.

    I put me pole in the water had my first fish in 15 minutes on a nightcrawler.
    I missed about 6 others.while I set up camp.
    On of em staightend out my hook! He was big!
    I went down to the bait shop and got all new hooks and rerigged every pole.
    The guy down the way pulled in 11
    My biggest was 5 lbs.
    They got pics of 33 lbrs.If you catch a tagged fish ya gotta keep em alive and you will get a free fishing pole or a gift certifcate for the bait shop.

    They got firewood, some areas have picnic tables in the camps.

    Google Earth em, you can see all the points and coves, fish the lee side of the coves off the points
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  5. Isn't this like "high fence fishing" ???
  6. No, because there is no guarantee that you'll catch anything...Unless of course, you use Uncle Dean's Right Powerful Stinkbait. I can't tell you the "magical" ingrediants that are in this stuff. Let's just say that you'll be the DOG of all Catfishermen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arf Arf!!!!!!
  7. Well....there's no guarantee you'll kill anything high fence huntin' either. That's why the Gentry dude resorted to huntin'' bears in a cage!
  8. Guess what "bait" Gentry was using?????:evil:
  9. If it's your stink bait, I'm guessing he used the Master's bait?
  10. Pictures of the Marysville catches







    There is a big tournament there this weekend I just found out last night.

    I got some sopme pics of some huge cats and my piddle little catch . How do you post pics.

    I got 10 more fish last night probably about another 23 lbs.

    Dont miss this weekend biggest three fish win to fee bag. the more fishers the bigger the bag.

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