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Master Fishermen

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by jstalljon, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Hooked up with JL, and DEC the other afternoon on my home lake for some fishing, bs-ing and beer drinking. Well, we managed to do 2 out of the 3 pretty well, and fishing wasn't one of them.

    Got to meet James, and hang out with Derek again which is always a blast. Had a great time, managed to catch a FEW (very few, and small at that). We dined like kings that night aside from the leather bear meat that Derek brought.

    Here's a few pics...

    James with the only MONSTER of the day! :biggrin: No photo doctoring here...


    Despite Jame's "chumming" efforts, the fish were nowhere to be found. Amazingly, all the women disappeared off the lake shortly after this incident....


    The not so victorious anglers return home...yet in surprisingly decent spirits....


    Maybe this had something to do with it....


    Or maybe it was the fact we were getting ready to gorge ourselves on fat walleye fillets courtesy of Derek...insane amounts of blue gill fillets courtesy of JL, or slabs of backstrap provided by yours truly...


    Derek (egor) samples some of James handywork.....


    My two kitchen wenches! :evilsmile


    The fruits of our labor....(with egor invading the photo)


    Absolutely GREAT guys....had a blast, and all made possible through this site! Sorry I didn't put you on many fish guys...I never professed to be a good guide!

  2. Egor... why do you always stick your tounge out and lick things...seems like that would make for some awkward fishing...

    "Derek, please get your tounge unstuck from my reel."

    "Derek, please don't like the spark plug wires"

    "Derek, its licked toads that can get you high, not nightcrawlers..."
  3. There they go, long armin' those fish again for the camera:banghead3 .
  4. I have a problem taking a serious picture.

    What's wrong with licking night crawlers and toads? Tasty critters!:biggrin:
  5. "Long armin'"...hell those are "Go-Go Gadget arms"!:yikes:
  6. Hey I had to prop that sucker up for him ... it was HEAVY!:eek:ne_eye:
  7. man...they shoulda never let you fellas off your leashes...
    stallion that looks like a mighty fine beer drinking boat!!!
  8. I think Derek ate too many paint chips as a kid!

    Thanks Jonesy... I shudder to think how many beers have been drank on that craft!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. what the hades is going on here..thats hilarious
  11. I think an IS.COM beer drinking tournament would be interesting after the looks of those pics!!! :cwm27:
  12. finally something I could contribute in....
  13. Looks like you guys had a blast. Good deal.