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maumeebubba & 410

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by psychobubba, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. We had an early start 430 am.:fish: and in the water berfore sun up. Water temp. had dropped 25 deg. burrrrrrrr...:bonk: Air temp. below freezing and our eyelets were icing up after every cast...:dizzy: STILL, NO FISH ON! Oh well. :fish: :fish: :fish: A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work. Thanks 410 I DID have fun and cant wait untill next time. WERE GONNA GET YOU THE BIG ONE I JUST KNOW IT!!! :coco:
  2. :bowdown: maumeebubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Bubba, great trip and a great great time. That's what fishing is all about, if you caught fish every time out they would call it catching fishing instead they call it fishing. Meaning of fishing to me, friends where new or old, in a boat, setting on the bank or having on a pair of waders and standing in the water in the early morning or anytime, sharing stories new or old, when you were a kid or just last week when you turn the boat over. HA! You just can't beat being out in God"s world and see what he has instore for us today. Catching fish is just a bonus. Thanks again Bubba and to all who I have meet on this site. Hey sometime lets get together and do that thing they call FISHING
  4. I believe the world must have tilted off its axis a degree or two......The Zen 'Eye Master and Gill Slayer getting that taste of skunk! (with 410's diet, you know he's tasted skunk before)

    Better luck next time guys.