May Fishing Report

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  1. :yikes:

    No fish yet, but made you look!

  2. No, we knew it was you...there'd be no fish.
  3. :lol:
  4. WOW cool Quail, Dean will be proud of you.:bonk: :banghead3 :bash:
    Hey gang check the gallery for a picture of my fishing golf rig for ponds and river. WORKS GREAT, that is about as close to golf as I get. Go to gallery under fish (other) key works Pond Golf Rig
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  5. Shocker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was once again reminded why walleye is my favorite sport fish to chase. Tonight my dear mother Nancy pan fried some 'eyes. We also had baked taters, fresh cole slaw, corn, and topped it off with this Amish freindship bread that was out of this world. That was one of the best meals I've et in quite some time. It was da bomb!!!!!
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  6. Two Full Moons this month 2&31....that dont happen all the Time.....FISH ON!!!!!!!! Best Days for Fishing in 2007
    When the Moon is between new and full:

    January 1-3
    January 18-February 2
    February 17-March 3
    March 18-April 2
    April 17-May 2
    May 16-31
    June 14-30
    July 14-29
    August 12-28
    September 11-26
    October 11-26
    November 9-24
    December 9-23
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  7. There you go, Bill

  8. Nice rig Tuck!!!!! Is that Dean smiling in the background??????? Oh wait, Looks more like a Beagles hind end........... (sorry puppy for the comparison)
  9. Nice setup Tuck! That must be a monster rig...much bigger than it looks on here...cause that bucket has to be huuuuuuuge to hold 235 bluegills in one outing. :yikes:


  10. man you ain't right...and i love it
  11. He didn't deserve that comment, Jeff....poor beagle.
  12. I know..... I'll apologize personally to the beagle if given the chance lol...
  13. Thanks Jeff, I told the little beagle what you said about Dean and then it took a poo poo. Tree old 410 all ways carries extra 5 gallon buckets with him. Well Tree, Bruce and I went fishing today and has 67 gills and 24 of them were over the 9 1/2" mark, we had 2 that was 10 3/4" and one red ear that was 11 1/4". Good day to fish, OH YES any day is a good day to fish