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Maybe a new state record blue cat

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by sam, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. We have recieved a report of a very large blue catfish being caught at Eagle Creek reservoir. This is un-confirmed, but just might be a new state record. There was a problem weighing it as the scales used only went up to 90 lbs.
    This fish was turned in at Westside Bait & Tackle shop in Indianapolis. It is for sure that its a very large fish as it is over 90 lbs +. We'll keep you up-dated as soon as they get an accurate weight of the fish.
  2. Keep us posted,............. any pictures ??

  3. Just think Dean with whiskers.
  4. Oh my gawd.............that's scary:yikes: :yikes:
  5. I was in westside and talked to a few of the guys that actually seen the blue cat. It was said to have been from 100-140lbs caught from eagle creek on chicken liver tim one of the workers said the fish was the length of the glass counter close to 5ft the scale they tried to use went to 90lbs and it way surpassed it. a regular shopper said hed caught 50+ blues and this fish was double that was told to me they brought it in the trunk of a olds cutlass and had to be bent around to fit and had a head the size of a cows!!!!more to come when i hear
  6. Lots and lots of good eating
  7. Yikes! Thanks for the report, Sam.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing a photo too. ESPN had a story on giant Blues taken in Indiana from the Ohio River. Seems now through Feb. is the time to target these giants in deep water pools with heavy current. The story had a photo of a 47 pounder that was half the size of the guy holding it (what a DINK).

    The words "I think we need a bigger boat" come to mind.
  9. I do have whiskers you idiot. Are these fish depressed all the time? I mean, why do they call them "Blue" catfish???? Any cat experts out there?:hide:
  10. There are a couple of good fisheries biologists, but good luck getting them to answer your questions.

    I think Dustin's good with cats.
  11. Thats a monster cat. Would love to see it.
  12. Wikipedia article on blue catfish - but doesn't say why blue - but it looks kind of blue;)

    Blue catfish

    [​IMG]Blue catfish[​IMG]
    Scientific classificationKingdom:Animalia
    Species:I. furcatus
    Binomial nameIctalurus furcatus
    (Lesueur, 1840)The blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, is one of the largest species of North American catfish. Blue catfish are distributed primarily in the Mississippi River drainage including the Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Arkansas rivers. These large catfish have also been introduced in a number of reservoirs and rivers, notably the Santee-Cooper Reservoir in South Carolina and the James River in Virginia. The current angling world record is 124 pounds and was caught by Tim Pruitt on May 22, 2005, in the Mississippi River.[1][2]
    Blue catfish are opportunistic predators and will eat any species of fish they can catch, along with crayfish, freshwater mussels, frogs, and other readily available aquatic food sources (some blue catfish have reportedly attacked scuba divers.) Catching their prey becomes all the more easy if it is already wounded or dead, and blue cats are noted for feeding beneath marauding schools of striped bass in open water in reservoirs or feeding on wounded baitfish that have been washed through dam spillways or power generation turbines.
    Due to their opportunistic nature, blue catfish will usually take advantage of readily accessible food in a variety of situations, which from the angler's perspective makes cutbaits, deadbaits, and even stinkbaits an excellent choice to target these fish. Blue cats will also respond well to livebaits, with live river herring and shad usually a top choice followed by large shiner minnows, sunfish, suckers, and carp. All of the above baits can be used as fresh cutbaits with good success and freshwater drum also work well in this capacity. Generally a fairly large piece of cutbait (4-12 inches long) on a fairly large hook (3/0 to 9/0) is a good choice in rivers or reservoirs where large blue cats (20 pounds and up) are a possibility. Depending on current conditions sinkers ranging from 1/2 to 6 or 8 oz. may be required with 1-2 oz. a good choice for many situations. To catch large blue catfish in rivers the more current the better usually, although fishing along current edges and breaks is often a good option. Blue catfish tend to favor deeper water in larger rivers and reservoirs, but will make feeding and spawning forays into relatively shallow water.
  13. Yes, he does look very sad for sure.....:hide:
  14. why would i be good with cats... That was eric that was good with cats... remember the muzzy moment that eric posted?