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maybe a warmouth

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by COCKROACH69, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. i was at lake gage all weekend i got some good carp out of that lake one was 9 LB.&7 OZ what a tank that was i also got a fish it looked like a bass-bluegill mix any ideas

  2. sounds more like a goggle eye or what some call a rockbass. common in rivers and lakes. they have a mouth shaped alot like a bass for their size. great eating fare.
  3. If it had red eyes, it was probably a rock bass
  4. thanks BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS's from that site & other web sites i found that it is a warmouth if i ever get the pictures on the computer i will post
  5. what is it

    this is not a bluegill look at its large mouth & the dark lines running from top to bottom along it's side but he is as flat as a gill with blue lines in his head[​IMG]
  6. It could be a warmouth, but the eye doesn't look red to me. The warmouth and rock bass both have red eyes. To me it favors what I've seen as a hybrid bluegill. I'm not sure what the hybrid is a cross with. I know of several private ponds that have them stocked, and this fish looks very much like one of those. Perhaps someone turned it loose in the lake. I don't think they reproduce either, but I could be wrong.
  7. Not sure what it is, but I've caught several of them on Gage and Crooked. Usually catch them right up along shore. They are very aggressive, similar to a rock bass in the way they strike. I've never kept them, always thrown them back.
  8. Green sunfish, also known as "mud bass" around here.

  9. Not a good fish to have alot of, biologists generally consider them dirty water indicators because they can survive almost anywhere...when their numbers are up...check the water...
  10. Very very common in ohio river tributaries...........that picture sure makes me ready for spring, and the white bass run!!
  11. definately a warmouth. as far as the red eyes go, rockbass and smallmouth eyes change color depending on mood and water clarity. So the smallmouth you catch today may have a red eye but tomorrow it may not.
  12. Of all the pictures I've seen, this seems to be the closest to matching the fish in question. Look at the ear tab and the lines on the "cheeks". The dorsals do look a bit different though. Is it possible that this could be a natural hybrid of some kind??

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