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Merry Christmas...what did you get?

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by ccavacini, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ok, even though it's better to give that receive.....what did everyone get for Christmas?

    I have to wait till everyone gets up to find out.

    Ok, got a Shimano Symetre spinning reel (Bought for myself).

    Two rod racks(hold 9 rods each)...still not enough.

    Under Armor insulated top to wear while hunting.

    Pipe Zippo lighter..

    socks--shirts---and surprises.

    Trying to figure out why I posted under Comedy

    Now I know why I posted under Comedy...just tried on my skin tight Under Armor insulated top and looked into the mirror...I thought it would make me look like an NFL player....not quite
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  2. Well... So far I have a new computer, (that we bought). I have new boots,:biggrin: , I like them alot:corkysm55 ... Couple CD's, Movies, ohh and $25 dollars to go buy that Cass Creek or whatever the name is, Predator Call at Rural King... But they don't have it in stock and it's on order I checked twice last week :mad:

    Merry Christmas folks,


  3. Got a Stealth Cam from my brother Dave. It's one of the old ones that uses film,but I'm gonna give 'er a whirl out at my buddies. I really want a Cuddeback, but can't afford it right now.
  4. Got a new set of Barska Binoculars, 12x 50 water-proof, fog proof, so I can keep an eye on my tip-ups from the warmth of the shanty!:bouncy:
  5. Featherlite Decoys from my boys ;)

    Camo gloves a hat $25 gift card from GanderMtm from my girls.:cool:

    A Decoy Dolly from my wife :SHOCKED: Yes she did i still don't belive it my self.
    just when you think you know someone.
  6. The best thing I got for hunting was a $150 gift certicficate to Bass Pro Shops:bouncy:
  7. A new aqua view fish cam! Man was I surprised! What did they do with my real wife :)
  8. I like my new one better so I'm not looking for the real one ;)
  9. 12 pack of Bud
    11 rasslin tickets
    Tin of Copenhagen
    9 years probation
    8 table dancers
    7 packs of Redman
    6 cans of spam
    5flannel shirts
    4 big mud tires
    3 shotgun shells
    2 hunting dogs
    and some parts for a Mustang GT