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Meth Labs

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by dleslie217, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Last night at work, a couple of our electicians were discussing a dangerous encounter one of them had. He had been deer hunting in west central Indiana a few years ago and ran into a guy who basically escorted him out of the woods at gunpoint. He contacted the authorities after getting back to his truck and the guy was eventually arrested, but not until he had fired on one of the officers searching for him. The officer returned fire and shot the guy in the foot. It just reminded me that because of jerks like this, the woods we all hunt and enjoy can be a dangerous place. I have been forunate enough never to have run into anything like this but I think we all need to remember that these people are out there and pose a threat to out safety, just the meth lab itself can be dangerous.
  2. I think in that situation I would be inclined to hunt a different form of game than deer...

  3. Then again, maybe not...probably best to let the authorities handle it. Makes me wonder, though, when that meth-head gets out of jail in only a couple of weeks, he might be looking for revenge. Scary stuff.
  4. I think your right James, what we would all like to do and what we should do are two different things. Chances are we would end up doing more jail time the than the meth head.
  5. It's dangerous for sure! Back in 1981 I set up my stand on my father-n-law's land looking down an abandonded Erie Railroad spur that ran east to west along a creek, I had seen several nice bucks in the area, and the place was scraped all to bits. Opening morning I was in my stand for about 30 minutes when an old delapidated powerwagon came creeping down the railroad bed two guys got out went into the woods about 75 yards west of my stand (and west of my father-n-law's property line) about 15 minutes later they came out with huge bundles of freshly harvested ganja, they went back for another cutting, I was freaking out.. I didn't see any weapons, but you know a grow of this size they were sure to have them, they came back threw this load into the truck tied on their tarp and silently drove off down the spur and left. I reported it to the sheriff, but they didn't make an arrest until after the season and I didn't have a warm fuzzy with those guys so close to my stand, so I hunted another spot for the rest of the year.
    My dad tells of run-ins with bootleggers during his hunting days (and nights) when he was younger and deer / coon hunting, he actually lost a pair of Black & Tan's to a bootlegger, who wanted to scare him and my uncle out of those woods for good..
    Remember to stay aware of your surrondings, if you encounter any illegal activity slip away and report it, don't try to confront the perpetrator(s) as they are more desperate/determined than you, and are more willing to shoot it out because they feel trapped and or exposed. (live to hunt & fish another day)
  6. Rowdy


    Maybe they should post signs...."Beware of Tweekers"