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Mexico mad at taxes for illegal immigrants!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by psychobubba, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. US plans to tax migrants' money angers Mexico By Greg Brosnan
    1 hour, 31 minutes ago

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico complained on Thursday that a bill in Georgia's state legislature to tax the hundreds of millions of dollars that illegal immigrants wire home would unfairly hurt Mexicans working north of the border.


    Sponsored by Republican lawmakers who charge that illegal immigrants use basic health and education services without contributing to them, the bill would force anyone unable to prove their legal status to pay tax on their wire transfers.

    An estimated 11 million Mexicans living in the United States sent home about $20 billion to their families last year, more than all the foreign direct investment in the country and a major pillar of Mexico's economy, especially in poor areas.

    Similar to a bill in Arizona's legislature, the Georgia measure has passed the state's lower house and is awaiting review in its Senate.

    "The recently approved initiative ... is unjust because it discriminates against people of Hispanic origin in general and Mexicans in particular," Mexico's foreign ministry said.

    The foreign ministry said it was also following the Arizona bill's progress and could take legal action should either proposal become law.

    They bills are among several initiatives reflecting growing anger in the United States, especially among Republicans, about the steady flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

    The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved a high security border fence to keep out illegal immigrants. The proposal has aggravated tensions between two neighbors increasingly locking horns over U.S. immigration policy.

    Mexico's normally soft-spoken Finance Minister Francisco Gil slammed the bills this week, and an influential migrant representative said it was a foolhardy attack on workers he said were helping the economies of both countries.

    "Unfortunately this is a trend," said Candido Morales, director of an institute for Mexicans living abroad. "Making life difficult for people who aren't legal, but who contribute to both the U.S. and Mexican economies.

    While Georgia's bill would only tax illegal immigrants, Arizona's would tax all wire transfers out of the country.

    Critics say the laws would be ineffective, and that migrants would simply ship money home by less secure means.

    Supporters of the bills in Georgia and Arizona argue something must be done to salvage revenue from hundreds of millions of dollars they say slip out of their states untaxed.

    "The reality is that a tremendous amount of undocumented illegal immigrants are in this country earning money and not paying any taxes," Rep. Calvin Hill, a Georgia Republican who sponsored his state's bill, told Reuters.

    "They are utilizing the vast resources of the state but not financially contributing in any way," said Hill, who estimated $1 billion was leaving the state every year in untaxed remittances from illegal immigrants alone.

    Arizona officials said the money could beef up security along its border with Mexico and help build the security fence. Hill said it would go into Georgia's indigent health care and education which illegal immigrants often use themselves.

    "Now for the first time these people will have an opportunity to partially pay for these services," said Hill. "This has nothing to do with being against immigrants.

    (Additional reporting by David Schwartz in Tucson)

  2. Not only should the illegals be taxed, but the employers who are hiring them should be fined also. They are the ones making it attractive for these illegals to come here in the first place. They get cheap labor and pay no health benefits or Social Security. I imagine they pay in cash and no state or federal taxes are ever deducted.

  3. Amen

    This Is Something That Is Well Overdue. I Would Like To See All States Do The Same, It Would Allow Us To Recover Some Of The Cost That All Americans Bear Because Of Illegal Immigrants.and Perhaps Slow The Some Of The Flow. Ultimately We Need To Put The National Guard On The Border And Penalize All Employers Who Hire Illegal Aleins. I Am Not Against Immigration, Just Illegal Immigration. We Need To Be Bringing In The Best And Brightest, Not The Uneducated, And Poor. Who Knows ,if We Could Cut Down On Illegals Maybe American Wages Might Rise, Due To Supply And Demand. Nuf Said.
  4. Illegals...

    I have a brother that was doing some welding in a plant in northern Indiana several years ago that employed a couple of dozen illegal Mexicans. Well he climbed a ladder and turned his hat around to put on the welding helmet to do his work and when he stopped, there was no one around except management.
    You see, they had a system that if the authorities came in, management would turn their hat around backwards and that was the sign for them to leave immediately so that they would not get caught. They would then not show up for work for another day or two "until the coast was clear".
    As you can guess, the management was not too happy and gave my brother quite the tongue lashing...He told them that they (the company) should not be doing it in the first place (hiring illegals) and that they were in the wrong.
    He finished the job and was never back again.
    Makes you wonder what some folks are trying to accomplish:coco: .
  5. Now I know how they make those pretty "Native American" dream catchers so cheap.
  6. Do they really think a fence is going to keep them out they will just cut the fence and away they go. Maybe a high voltage fence might do the trick if they can't go under or over it.
  7. Well if they don't like being taxed too bad, take your ass back across the border and make 3.00 a year. If you want to come here to make a living what givews you the right to do it tax free? If you get sick and go on welfare who the hell pays for that? How about the road you take to work? Or the water ( good) that you drink? etc... Thats right us the "tax paying" Americans who's ass keeps getting kicked every time we turn around. Screw them. I would tax the shi* out of them cause I would say most of them don't have taxes removed in the first place. I have nothing against antone trying to do something better for themselves or their families but do it the legal way. File your paperwork, get a visa, (not a charge card) and pay some friggin taxes!!
  8. We can keep mexicans out with a fence...just have Jimmy Houston and his buddies guard the fence and shoot anything that gets close to it.

    Oh, and do you know wny Mexico has no olympic team?????
    Because any mexican that can run, jump or swim is in the United States.
  9. Lord, I apologize for that last comment, and be with the starving pygmy's in New Guinney, Amen
  10. A mess!!!!

    It is a privelage to live and work in this country, and any idiot who doesn't like it can get the you-know-what out. This has nothing to do with being "foreigners". All of our families were foreigners at one time, but this whole thing is getting worse and worse. Not only are illegal immigrants here and working illegally, but the law can't touch them if they get caught for certain things. Top this with the rapid Islamic movement to our country and we have the makings for some real problems in the future.

    We'll never probably be here to see it, but I predict that another American Civil war will eventually arise in America, and I think that it will be between English speaking Americans and Foreign speaking Americans, or perhaps Christian Americans vs. Islamic Americans. How many products at the stores have foreign languages on them nowadays? If the people who are going to the stores to buy the stuff can't understand English, then GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!! It is the American Way to have foreigners come to this country and become Americans; it's been happening for years and years. But, if you don't learn the language and accept what being "American" is then GET THE *&^% OUT AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's how I feel about that!!!!!!:corkysm55
  11. that my feeling dont like it get OUT!!!!all of the illegal immigrants .:help: there is a way to come here thats not it !!!
  12. all that and more!!

    ask any one american who lives close to the border and ask them about all the crime and how many times their house has been ramsacked and things stolen. i was watching hannidy and colmes and one woman said her house had been robbed over 200 times one yr. complaints just fall on deaf ears. i just wish american polititions would quit trying to be politically correct. screw those people. a friend of mine his wife has been a teacher of german language for over 20 yrs. and now she's in fear of losing her job because ther is not a need for it now . they want mexican lingo. certain places in the west they are already complaining because american english is recognized as the major language. they want it changed to spanish. won't be long you won't see american tresspassers on your hunting or mushrooming ground it'll be a gang of mexicans and the law that turns their head now really won't want to deal with it then either.
  13. Sounds like we have this lil problem wrapped up tidy in its own little bow. But, like Charles Barkley said, and has he ever ever been wrong, I think not, the illegal immigrants are not working for other illegal immigrants, they are working for rich white Americans. Those RWA's dont' want to have to pay us to do what the Illegals do cause , for one thing, we wouldn't do it and another we wouldn't do it for the chump change they pay.

    So is the greed of RWA's hindering our border protection?
  14. I went to a chinese restarant in Indy the other day and there was nothing but mexicans working there,funny?! My wife works for a doctor and many mexicans come through there having babies on your tax dollars,there going to milk our system dry.--And theres people leaving water for them in the desert to make their 'crossing'easy,i say find that water and put some salt in it!
  15. Salt in the old water. Now there's a solution... Get it?