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Michael Waddell

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Look out boys up north....Michael Waddell was in Terre Haute today at Gander Mountain. I heard them interviewing him on the radio. He's heading up to South Bend for a deer hunt. Pigeon setup a roadblock so he can't get through. Once he has a hunt in Indiana on the Realtree Roadtrips the word will get out and the flood gates will open. Stop him Pigeon!!!
  2. Dont woory Tree....He's going the wrong way for BIG DEER....Keep him up north!!!!!!:)

  3. Haaaa haaaa!!! I thought the same thing Brew when I heard him on the radio. If he wants to kill a big deer why would he go up to northern Indiana? :cwm27:
  4. Thats my question also,, why is he coming to South Bend????
  5. Let's not forget that the North won the Civil War gentlemen.
  6. I know one battle the North isn't going to win this year...the football battle between PU & IU!!! :cheeky-sm
  7. It will be interesting to see how he does up north way. One thing for sure, he is badazz wherever he hunts. Good for Indiana.
  8. I forgot to tell you gents that I have the Realtree Crew booked for 1 of my river hunts. :coco: Quackheads
  9. There are BIG deer up north.....I heard that Bellar had to let the deer go loose somewhere?
  10. There aren't any big bucks up in the northern part of the state...they're all in the south...nothing to see here...
  11. Shouldnt be that hard to find first yard they come to with a high fence they will think there back at home
  12. Not Hunting

    Realtree Roadtrips is an awsome show but did anyone catch tonight's episode? They were hunting pronghorns in New Mexico. The thing that got me though is how they hunted. Im all for spot and stalk hunting but not from the TRUCK! I hate it when people call it hunting when they drive to the animal and kill it just yards away from ther car. That takes every aspect of the true hunting experience away from it. Michael says in the show that there strategy was to drive down the dirt roads on the ranch and spot a nice one and then kill it! I like Michael Waddell but im gonna have to disagree with that hunt.
  13. yeah what J.L. said i still don't have a deer down :banghead3 no deer here
  14. 410 has all the deer at his place, they're crazy for those trophy rocks.
  15. Any idea where he's hunting in South Bend???

    And yes....there are NO big deer up here....I promise!
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