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Michigan Buck Proposal - FYI

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Whacker, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Rejection of buck limit proposals a popular decision

    Saturday, March 17, 2007
    By Bob Gwizdz

    Two proposals that would have changed Michigan's deer limit from two bucks at any time during hunting season to one during archery season and one during firearms season were unanimously rejected by the Natural Resources Commission last week.

    The proposals -- one that would have applied to the Upper Peninsula only, the other that would have gone into effect statewide -- were largely the result of unhappiness by Upper Peninsula hunters following the 2005 season.

    NRC member John Madigan of Munising, who chairs the group's Fish and Wildlife Committee, proposed the change late last year after hearing from many dissatisfied hunters. But the NRC declined to act before the

    2006 season, promising to take up the subject earlier in the regulations process this year.

    An improved 2006 season, however, dissipated much of the momentum for changing the regulations. And a recent mail survey sent to 9,000 deer hunters showed that of all the regulatory options available, the current rules had the most support.

    Currently, hunters have several license options, including buying a combination license, which features two buck tags. Hunters have the option of using those tags during whichever hunting period they choose.

    After the survey results were reported to the NRC, defeat of the rule change seemed a foregone conclusion; much of the commission's debate centered around whether the groups should even bother taking up the subject.

    Public testimony at the March 8 NRC meeting in Saginaw was largely against changing the limit. Hunting groups, including Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Michigan Bow Hunters and Michigan Sportsmen's Congress, testified against the proposed change.

    Madigan, who said he supported the change, said the survey results didn't indicate enough support for it for him to pursue it any further.

    "I think a lot of people's opinions have changed," Madigan said.

    The defeat of the proposals was popular with the crowd at the meeting.

    "I think the combo tag is the best thing to come along and I'm glad they voted the one-buck proposal down," said Tom Lounsbury of the United Sportsmen Alliance.

    However, not everyone was pleased. Larry Holcomb of Olivet, an officer with the state chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association (which supported the statewide proposal), said hunters were not meeting the state's goals for antlerless harvest under the current regulations and changing the buck limit might convince more hunters to kill antlerless deer.

    "I think they made a mistake," Holcomb said.

    Although results of the mail survey were preliminary, almost 70 percent of those who responded noted that the current combination license was their preferred option.
  2. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Why would they want to change, 2 basket rack six pointers will fill a freezer nicely....

  3. Michigan........

    Nice place for you to move to anytime.......I'll help. :cwm27:
  4. Apparently our northern friends have never heard the old saying, "If you keep doing things the same old way, you'll keep getting the same old results." My condolences to the Michigan deer hunters.
  5. If you love big buck hunting and want to move one state away, Go West-Go East-Go South, but whatever you do-DON'T GO NORTH!!!!:coco:
  6. ............unless you get ol' upchucker to guide you.

  7. :lol:

    That was mean...

    But seriously. That is a shame. Hate to see a state with that much potential continue to manage a deer herd in this fashion. Oh well...

    Home sweet home in Indiana...
  8. SHAME SHAME SHAME on them
  9. Too bad, there is some really prime real estate in the southern third of Michigan. Could be another Big Buck Midwestern state....
  10. I agree with the QDM rep.

    A one and one - archery and gun - would have been a vast improvement over two any which way you want to kill them.

    I'm guessing that the firearm only and the bow only hunters wanted to still be able to shoot two bucks with their own chosen weapon.

    This is what can happen when do deer management by popular decision of the hunters.
  11. Another reason to not hunt Michigan. Awesome state with so much potential. Amazing that some people just don't get it.:coco:
  12. Guys I am moving to Indiana, LOL

    I have just disowend the entire state of Michigan.

    I did drive through your state(southern) Hooiser national Forest, looked real nice!!!
  13. I have a number of friends who are hunters and landowners in southern Michigan. They are frustrated beyond words at the state of affairs there.

    As one of them put it - "we really don't have deer hunters in Michigan. What we have are 700,000 buck hunters who will fight to the death their right to kill two forkhorns a year." And their DNR listens to the angry mob, rather than putting the deer first.

    Even in the southern third of the state, where deer densities are way over DNR targets, Michigan hunters still kill way more bucks than does. Their DNR is on record as being skeptical that a OBR would help at all.
  14. I am one of those owners, and yes I am beyond frustrated!!!!:banghead3 :bash:

    We need:help:
  15. It freakin SUCKS!! I cant believe that tradional aspect and mindset of the Michigan DNR and whomever else decides this rubish.

    I have my own piece of heaven but it still urks me to know what we COULD have!!!

    That is why I am getting property in Indiana!!