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Michigan City

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by ChapstickCharlie, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Fished out behind the DNR station in Michigan City this morning for steelhead, nothing biting. Four other guys down there, but I didn't see anything brought in. The bridge over to the lighthouse and launch is under repair.
  2. Charlie,
    I heard some guys talking about an early Coho run... Have you heard that?

  3. you have to have a long net there .i always did good with ko wobbler ,little cleos
  4. We used some spawn, and didn't do too bad, but yes a long net is desireable!
    That was one of the first places that I used that Humminbird (Watch Style) fish finder... We moved three times until we located a pod of fish 2 casts and it was FISH-ON! all of a sudden we had lots of company!!!

    My Buddy caught a monster walleye across the way by the Nipsco (Nipsco's the devil:evilsmile ) plant.
  5. The Country Bait shop in Valpo reported that there were walleye being brought in by the DNR. Yep a long net is advisable, but if there is someone else down there they will usually be nice and loan you theirs in a crunch. Still, hate to ask.
  6. I have seen a few pics of browns and steelheads caught at the DNR building, but nothing in great numbers yet. I think it will be an early run of coho, a charter captain i fish with up there caught 16 fish on january 28th around Gary light, said one coho was pushing 5 pounds which is unusual this early. Any idea on how long the bridge is going to be under repair?
  7. Wow I remember in the 80's we had to go in to Washington park from the east end... I don't know if I could even find my way around there again?? I'm telling my age... Any who, caught my very first Steelhead off the Michigan City Light House Pier back in 81 with a catfish pole and a glow green K.O. Wobbler... or better stated she caught me!:fish: :fish:
  8. Sounds like me Steelheader, only i hooked a king. First fish i ever landed from shore out of the big lake. I too was using a big cat pole and green glo in the dark KO Wobbler. Probably my proudest fishing achievement yet, i live about 2 hrs from the lake so i dont get to fish it all that much, but i did put in at least 25 hours of fishing for one king last fall in 3 different trips, the one i caught was at 1:30 in the morning, but it was worth it.
  9. Ok so we are a bit long in the tooth. But hey, shore fishing for those kinds of fish is an awesome time and something more people on here should try. Can't wait for this year when it starts gets serious.