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Michigan City?

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by tcm080, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Anybody fishing at Michigan City? Any reports?
  2. TCM Welcome to the site. I haven't fished MC since spring, but there are several guys on here from that area.

    Check back later they may reply.


  3. Thanks....Nobody seems excited about the salmon / skamania.....I'm originally from northeast michigan and thats what everyone is talking about right now...its really easy to get a report (now whether its true or not is a different story...I always get the "shoulda been here yesterday" talk)
  4. I have not fish in Mich. City and I have not fished for salmon or steelhead. What like to try sometime.
  5. Kings should be running up the creeks here pretty soon. Last year i nailed a big king on the 16th of september up there off the pier. I wouldnt be surprised if they get a few in the next week.
  6. Like Brad24 said It should take off here pretty soon, with these cool nights and all. I posted a link to the Berrien Springs Fish cam in the cold water forum, when you see 5 or 6 fish in the frame, get ready to call in sick and go fishing..

    Hey 410, I can remedy that Salmon Steelhead virginity for you! We'll get together on the Big boat (probably next spring now) or We'll head up to the St Joe this fall... It is a blast!

    Where abouts tcm080? I've been out of Port Huron, and on Sag bay quite a bit, (but I prefer the west side for Salmonoids) Manistee should start be bursting here in a week or so with the fall run of Kings... then the run makes its way south down to us. (they fish for Browns out of Burns Harbor year round)
    tcm080, we Also ICE fish Higgins in Feb. (can anyone say fresh SMELT???)

  7. Hey Hooiser that sound great to me. Just give me a email and I will be ready.
  8. Hoosier - I'm originally from Flint, parents have a place about 5 min south of the Singing Bridge, grew up fishing Whitestone Pt, Tawas Pier, LOTS of time on the Au Sable fishin for steelies, Favorite place is the singing bridge, though, caught lots of walleye and steelies in my waders there......Moved to just outside Indianapolis for work, about 6 mo ago...missing home really bad right now, no big water down here in corn country

    SO, i'm headed up to Michigan City tomorrow, gonna give the pier a try, then maybe run up to Benton Harbor and give the St Joe a try on Monday.....I'll report back....We'll see....might be a bit early for M.C. from what it sounds...
  9. tcm080Good Luck!
    Spent some time in Flint back in the early 80's (elctrical contracting) wasn't the best time to be there.. Have a buddy in Montrose.
    I know what you mean about missing (home) and the big water.... But you do have the White river, and its not too far from Patoka, and some good strip pit fishing... None that'll require downrigers (except maybe a striped bass)

    Good luck at MC hope you catch a bunch... If they are in, you might also try the Trail Creek public access this early it shouldn't be too crowded.

    Look forward to your report!
  10. went the last weekend of aug. but the big storms went through and the water was high No runs. went for the stealhead all I seen was 5 dead ones floating down stream.
  11. I have recieved a few reports and the gates have been opened, and the Kings are on the run !!!
  12. I am planning on hitting the pier middle of next week. I got my king last year up there around the 16th so i figure the timing should be right. Anyone know how things are going up there? Im sure the weather has made it rough.