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Michigan city

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I have seen a lot of hot reports coming from shore fisherman up in Michigan City over the past 2 weeks. A mixed bag of Browns/Coho and Steelhead coming off the pier and in behind the DNR and coast guard building. A guy today limited out on coho on half a nightcrawler 4 feet under a bobber behind the coast guard. I plan on going this weekend, was going to hit the port but think i may try Michigan city instead.
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You're killing me:bash:
I've got plans (made for me) this weekend, you're supposed to say no one's getting anything but sheeps head... Now I'll have to be thinking about this all week, and into the weekend and not be able to go..

Well, good luck if you get out, and if you get more than you want to clean PM me..

I fished today right by the coast guard. Lots of people fishing and few people catching. I only seen 2 keeper coho caught. From the way the guys talked, today was about the worst day of the week. They had been hot all week. Par for the course i guess.
I was wondering do they let you go fish at the discharge from the power plant or is it off limits?
Luckyman, im new to fishing up there so im not certain, if thats the Bailey discharge you are talking about I think you can fish there, i have seen reports from people who have.
Thanks for the reply, I looked on the web I think the power plant at michigan city is the nipsco plant. I used to fish there and did very well. If people are fishing the mouth of trail creek and the coast guard station the discharge is less than .5 mile. Might have to take a ride and see on satuday
My mistake I didn't read the thread the power plant is just south of trail creek you can see the smokestacks just south of trail creek:bowdown:
Went to Michigan City today, Snowing and cold, but the Coho were biting. we were right across from the nipsco plant by the coast guard station saw several nice fish caught, but no limits we caught 1 between the 2 of us.

Night crawler, or shrimp 4/5 ft below a bobber was working best today. Saw no browns caught while we were there.

Good Luck if you do get out!

Steelheader, thats about the exact spot i fished last saturday, directly across from the plant. I also saw no browns caught. I was using shrimp and crawlers and was skunked. Just curious, how was was the crowd for a weekday, last saturday it was jammed pack, could only keep a bobber out for about 5 minutes becuase it would drift over in front of other fisherman. I plan on going Monday morning, Id sure like to get into a few of em.
Brad, It wasnt shoulder to shoulder, probably the cold and snow, and everyone seemed to fall into the pattern cast allow to drift for about 8/10 mins then reel in and relocate. there were a few fish caught, but no wall hangers, and no limits.

Good Luck if you get out!
Well, im heading up there in about an hour. Hopefully the fish are active and maybe it wont be as crowded as last weekend. Taking some skein along for bait this time, will report back later.
Well, same results for me. Fishing was real slow. Only seen 2 fish caught all morning and both were caught at about 5 till 7. I had something nail one of my spawn sacs on the bottom but he was off before i could get to my rod, this was also before 7am. After 7, not a bump for anybody out there.
It's been touch and go lately, but if the weather holds, they should turn on hot and heavy here shortly.

I am hoping to get out and do some trolling around the breakwater here in a day or two...

Will let you know how we do.


Noticed last week we were catching the occasional gobi with a crawler on the bottom out at Michigan City. I'm afraid that might be alot of the small bites I have been missing. It seems to me my percentage of hooks sets has decreased this year I'm guessing that is why.
I think Gobi's are a good bet. I noticed that the only bites i have gotten are when im on the bottom, and the bites are very light, normally not even enough for me to set the hook. When i reel in, my worm looks like its been picked at instead of aten.
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