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Michigan Regulations

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Dean Weimer, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Howdy all. This question is for the Michigan experts. Some friends of mine are going to Michigan Ice Fishing next weekend. Can someone please tell me what the regs are for how many poles/hooks you can have out at a time, and are there any hook size limits for tip up fishing?

    ANy help would be great.
  2. No more than two lines may be fished at one time, and this includes tip-ups. Not sure about the hook-size question.

  3. How come I knew you'd be the first responder? Thanks Coach.
  4. Here is a link that might help

    This is true on inland lakes and streams, but on the great lakes I believe it is 3 lines per man, say that because some people do ice fish Saginaw bay..
    The above link has all the info.
  5. I know this is kind of late... but...

    Actually... it is 3 lines per man ONLY if you are trolling from a boat for salmon or trout. And that is ONLY on the Great Lakes... NOT in a river or inland lake. If you are trolling around the pierheads... you may use 3 lines if trolling for salmon or trout... only 2 lines if trolling for walleye (2 lures per line if you want if you are trolling for either salmon/trout or walleye)... but if you troll down the channel... you must pull one of those 3 lines when you get inside the imaginary line where the water meets the sand (or rocks) on one side of the river... to where the water meets the sand (or rocks) on the other side of the river. Only 2 lines may be used for anything else (yes... this includes ice fishing). And yes... it does get into a gray area sometimes with this!!

    Hope this helps everyone in the future!!
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