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Michigan trip

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ice dude, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. My dad and I and 2 friends took a trip up to The Ringneck Ranch in Hanover,MI. We each paid for 4 birds and hunted for 4 hours, we had a really good time. But we only brought home 11 phesant. the birds didnt want to fly for us, it was dry and windy saturday. It cost each of us 100. $20 a bird, $65 for dogs and a handler, $2 a bird for cleaning. The property is planted with sorgum and wild grasses. The dogs we had that day were labs that i think could have did a better job, but this was my first time behind a dog. We shot 2 that the dogs didnt find, this is why i think they could have did better. But it was a very good time, everyone there was very nice and tried to give us the best time we could have. I would go back and try it again but i think i would take someone with their own dogs. all in all it was $100 well spent.
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    Keep me in mind. After the pheasant season, I'd like to try this place. It's more fun hunting behind a hunting dog. After you travel to hunt birds as much as I do (12 hours to Iowa), sometimes perserve hunting is worth the money.