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Michigander shoots baby Indiana deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by RawDog, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Sorry but I had to shoot one of you babies:



  2. You baby killer !!!!!!!........seriously, that's a nice one congratulations.

  3. Sweet deer ... Congrats!

    Don't show that to your Michigan buddies, they'll all want to come down here for one of our baby deer.;)
  4. Yeah, don't tell'em!!! Nice looking buck Rawdog, did you get him in M/L season or gun season? Congrats!
  5. I took this one on 12/13; the morning of my last hunt.
    I put in about 22 days through all seasons. had a couple of other chances but things did not come all togeather. The land I am hunting has a 125+ restriction.

    Next year will be even better; I'll be taking advantage of your special hunts! My friend that introduced me to the property has taken a total of 5 bucks this year in IN, for a total score of 700 !
  6. If you shoot them that young RawDag...they never get a chance to mature! ;)

    Great buck! GO BACK UP NORTH! :evil:

    Congrats again...
  7. See now we knew there are some michigan citizens that know whats up! Nice Buck RawDog.
  8. That deer had to come from "southern" Indiana, cause we don't have nice bucks like that in "northern" Indiana!:biggrin: Congrats on the nice deer!
  9. Good looking deer, Congrats!!! Next time dont shoot the first buck you see, gotta wait for a big one :bonk:
  10. That sure is a nice buck! What County?
    Also, I gotta ask you about your last sentence: your friend has taken 5 bucks in Indiana this year? What kind of license do they sell down there that allows more than 1 buck per season?