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Midwest Sportsman Team Bass Tournaments

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Cincinnatibassmaster, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Hello All:

    Just wanted to add a post about the Midwest Sportsman Tournaments in Indiana,there are divisions on just about every lake in indiana.
    You can check out the web page for locations and dates.
    To name some of the lakes, Tanners Creek,Brookville,Patoka,Monroe.
    You can qualify for 2 classics by fishing in any midwest division in indiana.
    1 in the fall Oct.4-6 2006 where you can win 2 nitro's 882 for first place.
    and 1 in the spring of 2007 March 29-30 2007.


    Robert Thompson
    Director Tanners Creek