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  1. heavenly father for the ones that have gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country we ask that you bring comfort to their families and let them know that they can be proud of their son and daughters. for the men and women serving their country on foriegn soil we ask that you would keep them safe and out of harms way. we realize in this great country the one's who gave all through the yrs. paved the way for our freedom and will never be forgotton. let us give thanks to those who serve our country now and those who served in the past on this glorious weekend. home of the brave and land of the free. amen. have a nice weekend everyone and keep it safe.
  2. AMEN TO THIS and Everyone have a safe weekend

  3. I echo the sentiments of srapewatcher as well. Thank you to all the vets. Enjoy the weekend and DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE!!
  4. Yeah, what scrapewatcher said. Thanks to all the vets out there.
  5. Big thanks from me too.
    Always curious, how many of you have served, and do you mind saying where?
    Honest, hats off to all of you who have served.
  6. First let me thank those and their family members who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

    U.S. Army 1972-1975
    94th Engineer Battalion, Darmstadt Germany
  7. i served in the 317th engr. btn. eschborn, germany 1971 thru 1972
  8. Nice prayer scrapehunter, We need to pray for the all the troops and those who are in arms way for keeping our country free. Plus prayer for those who are not in the arm forces that are reporting and helping out, there lives are in danger too.
    We use to sing:You don't have to be a solider in a uniform to be a serve st over there. After all the planes-tanks and guns have done all they can do then we call on the weapon of pray. Thank God for all the men and women who do they part all over there and around the world.
  9. amen to that 410
  10. I repeat and lament the sentiments of all who have spoken. Although I've never served I know why I am allowed to do the things I love because hardworking, and buttkicking soldiers have paved the way for us and all of the free world. I hear people complaining about America these days...perhaps they could all go visit Russia, China, Iraq, anywhere in the Middle East, etc. etc. etc.

    The point is that we all are lucky to live in such a great country. And above and beyond all the crap that is happening in the world around us I still believe in My Country...God Bless America, and especially all the brave souls who lost their lives from the 1700s all the way to right now.

    To all the brave fighting men and women of the U.S. Military........:bowdown: !!!!!!!!!
  11. taps at 500

    Taps at the indy500 was as unbelievable as I could have imagined. Completely and totally silent, several people in tears, including myself. It is one of the reasons I go every year to be with 300,000 other people praying for the troops. Of course the 4 F-16 fly formation fly over was awesome. There is a reason we get to own guns and hunt, love or leave it, don't tread on me.