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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by urbanhunter, May 5, 2007.

  1. Any body get out and run the mini marathon today? i've been training for the past several months and ran it today. Finished in 1:38:19. I was very glad when it was over! i had knee problems after about 8 miles into the race and struggled through the last 5. But I had a great time and i'll be doing it again next year. I'm just gonna take it easy the rest of the evening and sip on some coronas for "stinko de mayo":biggrin:
  2. hahaha, you're kidding right? A marathon...

    I don't like driving more than 13 miles...

    Kudos to you, I admire your for it, but it is NOT for me...

  3. atta boy UH
    about 50% of my office was down there running, its a big thing at our company
    I didn't know the thing existed until a couple months ago so there wasn't time to train...and if there had been i would have sat on my tuchus drinking beer anyway
  4. mudhole

    15 points for Fuzz Buzterz for UH running the mini!!!!
  5. I commend you for running in the marathon. Wish I had the drive to get in shape and try it sometime. There were 4 guys from work that ran in it and they've been training for a while. Way to go!
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Congratulations on finishing. 13 miles makes more sense than the 26+ of a Marathon. Lets more runners be involved.

    Now, take 4 Ibuprofen, 4 Advil, 4 Aleve, 12 asprin, pack yourself in ice for 20 minutes......and relax.
  7. Congrats urbanhunter, that's awesome! I was trying to get someone a turkey, but did about a mile of walking. My brother-in-law had trained and planned to go but came down with the flu. Glad we got good weather for the run.
  8. Congrats on the mini! The guys that I work for pay for us to run the Sun-Burst 5k corporate challenge that is in South Bend in June. In years past, they (notice the word "they" not "we"!) got 3rd place.

    I think that I am going to skip it again!
  9. I think everybody should experience it at least once. it's amazing being there with 35,000 other people running 13.1 miles. and the amound of people cheering you on all the way around the course and the live bands is unbelievable. I started running it when i was only 11 and i've probably done it 7 or 8 times since. training for this type of event definetly helps in deer season when it comes time to drag the BIG one out.
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  10. Urban, You continue to impress in all of your endeavors. I am proud to call you my teammate. But still, I say.......
    YOU SUCK!!!!!:biggrin:

    You're showing us all up by being Da Man!!!!!

    Rock On BRO!!!!!!!!!
  11. He'll go high first round in next year's ISSC draft, that's for sure...
  12. I ran a mini marathon yesterday myself. My beer was empty, so I ran from the barn to the mini-fridge in the garage for another cold one. It was a rough work out and I had to stop half way back to the barn and catch my breath though. Heck of a work out.:chillin:
  13. I think I put 13 miles on my odometer walking thru the woods looking for a turkey this weekend. UH... you are much more athletic than I. My knees would be yelling "STOP" after about 50 yards...!!!
  14. I believe that could qualify as some sort of a bi-athlon, because you incorporated The Sports of running and beer drinking both in one work out session. You Rock D!!!!!!!
  15. I think it comes from being such an over achiever.:biggrin: