Minnows could get expensive and hard to find....

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    Great Lakes fish farmers angry over interstate shipment ban

    Associated Press

    A government crackdown on live fish shipments from the Great Lakes states is intended to check the spread of a deadly aquatic virus, but critics say it casts too wide a net and could devastate parts of the region's fishing industry. In an emergency order this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service banned interstate transport of 37 species of live fish from the eight states adjacent to the Great Lakes. Importing those species from the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec also was prohibited. The agency's target is viral hemorrhagic septicema, or VHS, which poses no risk to humans but causes fatal internal bleeding in fish. It was discovered in the region last year and is blamed for fish kills in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake St. Clair and the St. Lawrence River.



  2. We may all have to resort to acorn grubs
  3. that will suck for crappie thought the ice :banghead3

    We may all have to resort to acorn grubs yes quail
  4. If you had a pond you could rotenone it and raise minnows for Indiana use. Bait is a big business! Lots of bucks spent!:woohoo1:
  5. Seems Like Everything Is Going Up In Price These Days!!!!!!!!!everything But Our Paychecks.