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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by rico, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. How do you guys hook a minnow? I run it through the eyes.
  2. Shiners/Chubs/Fatheads/Rainbows: When backtrolling I run it from the bottom lip up through the top. When using them for bobber fishing, I generally hook them under the dorsel fin, but sometimes back towards the tail. Sometimes I'll hook them through the lips with a bobber too. Depends on what species I'm using and what species I'm after. Walleyes are a bit more aggressive than perch or crappies. Shiners do better in cooler water....

    Suckers: Mouth every time. Suckers die easier than other species...even in Spring's cool waters. Hook a sucker in the back and he'll croak a lot quicker than he would if you hook him through the lips...
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  3. Crappie minnies through the eyes...shiners/chubs, behind the dorsal.
  4. If you run it through the eyes you brain them. I hook crappie minnows through the lips and larger minners through the dorsal fin down about 1/4 inch.
  5. You dont brain them if you go horizontal from one socket and out the other. Really works well for me through the ice.
  6. Saw a guide in Canada walleye fishing once run a jig hook through the minnows mouth, out the bottom of the gill, twist it upright and run it back thru it's head. He said it worked great because walleye will suck a minnow up from behind.
  7. yep, doesn't much matter if minnow is alive on jig as much as other methods....the jigger makes all the action.
  8. Is that a method that is used around here?
  9. Jig and minnow, or jig and leech works on Clear lake after dark. while some of the fish no doubt come to the shallows to feed after dusk, some remain deep too. I've seen guys jigging in 40-60 feet deep with lights catching eyes on Clear during the warm months of summer.
  10. Crappie and bass minnies i usually hook through the eyes. Chubs is usually behind the dorsal fin.