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Missesinawa River

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by BrodyCarter2008, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anybody fishes the missesinawa river for smallies? If you do fish it or have i am looking for a bait to catch them on and wondering if anyone has ever tried leeches?
  2. hAVE NEVER FISHED there but i know here on the St Joe,,HANDS DOWN the best live bait is softshells. You will catch smallies all day long. It does get a little expensive though. And they have to be in season.

  3. OK, I saw this on another post, I have to ask what the heck is a softshell??? I'm from the midwest part of the state and I've never heard of a softshell. I'm learnin' a lot from you "northerners" on here. Like I didn't realize there were good smallie lakes, pike lakes, and muskie lakes in IN...thanks for lettin' the cat out of the call me and take me with you!!! :bowdown:
  4. Pigeonflyer is 100% right on softshells- they are crayfish that have moulted their outer shell. They are particularly exposed to predators without shells or pincers. Another killer bait are hellgramites if you can find them. As a kid we seined them in streams. you hold the seine downstream and kick the leaves, gravel and mud with your feet and they get caught as they float downstream. They are a couple of inches long and have a great big pincer on their head.

  5. $6 a dozen. Take 5 or 6 dozen with you and you will have a day to remember. I know places here where you will get a smallie on everyone.
  6. If you are lucky enough and go to the middle of the state of W. Va. around the middle July and Aug. you can catch softshell free in the warm river water. We catch them at night. Softshells are great for small mouth. Coldwater Lake in Mich is great for small mouth.
  7. That's affirmative on the smallies in Coldwater. Be careful runnin' the boat wide open if you're in a big one, though.