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mississinewa info

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. live pretty close to the miss. reservoir, but not familiar with it. just started a job at grissom air base. noticed a good sized pond on reservoir property right off of indiana 124 probably at the miami-wabash county line. just wondering if anybody out there had fished it? it cant be 50 yards from the highway and there is a little bit of parking there on both sides of 124. they also have recently cleared some timber which makes it easy to launch a small boat. but i am eyeballing it for the winter. any info would be helpful.....
  2. Don't know about the pond, but the res is not bad in the spring for crappie. It also has white bass, but they are hard to pattern. At the dam you can get warmouths, though I do not know why anyone would want one. The dam was just rebuilt and the dam was kept at winter pool for several years while they rebuilt it. The state has been touting how the thickness of the grasses and plants on the new lake bottom will attract and hold a lot of fish. I am not too sure of that one, but they are the experts. I fished it three times this year. Caught some real nice white bass but they were difficult to get. Mostly we caught large mouth bass. I rarely target those critters but could not seem to get away from them on Mississinewa. I'm betting it will be hot for crappie next May if the rains don't muddy it too badly.

  3. thanks for the info on the reservoir...i found out about the pond by catching a local fishing the way, the road that goes over the dam just opened up last week and they are in the process of removing the "temporary" bridge that crosses the spillway at the peoria fishing site.