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Mississinewa is back!

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Mississinewa Lake level back up after dam repairs

    Associated Press

    PERU — Mississinewa Lake’s water level is back to normal for the first time in four years after the completion of repairs to its dam. Water levels in the lake about 50 miles southwest of Fort Wayne had been lowered so the Army Corps of Engineers could make the repairs, property manager Larry Brown said. “We have definitely seen an increase in attendance out here since the lake was brought back to its normal level at the end of April,” Brown said. “Some people had the notion we weren’t open for the last four years, but that wasn’t true. We just weren’t at full capacity.”
  2. I have a question: has anyone fished this lake lately? I tried 6-5-5 and got immediately rained out. Seemed to be full of PB's 'n Skies and not many anglers. There were, however, a few out hiding in the coves. Any luck, guys? And did anyone hook into any wipers? Thanks.

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