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Missouri Snow goose pics

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I went on a guided huntin in SE missouri on Feb 6 of this year. just thought id share the pics w/ya. Hope they work im still new at postin pics. Infact i learned about 10 minutes ago :) There are 31 total. I cant belive those ones in the background snuck up on us while we were gettin a picture taken!! :)
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Goose Hunting in Indiana

Do they allow Goose Hunting in Indiana? There are so many in Central indiana all you would need is driver and a 9 iron.
You can goose hunt when there in season. Snows are pretty uncommon in IN other than some migrators passin through and that is scarce. Not sure about southern IN maybe they see soem more than we do up here but 3-5 flocks a year about a mile high. Do you mean canada goose hunting? That season is in and out from sept.1 - January. To me i think it should be extended a little bit to hammer some migrators but... someone must know more than me :coco:
Great pics. I take it you were on the west side of Missouri? Do any snows show up along the SW corner of Indiana?

Don't see too many passing through MI either.
actually we were in the very SE tip...8 miles from arkansas is where we stayed down in the bootleg part of MO. great time. We see some fly overs 3/4 flocks a year while in our deerstands but thats it. Nothing touching down.
I rarely see them. I was hunting by my in-laws in upstate NY and saw 3 big flocks of them there (those are greaters). They are rare there, too. I have yet to see them in IN.
I don't know if they still do but there used to be flocks go through North west state properties like willow slough and Lasalle. about 25 years ago I laid in hide for several hours with buddies and shotguns and watched them fly around, but they all knew enough to stay in the boundaries of the refuge.:)
Goose Killin

Hey, does anyone out there need any help thinning out the goose population? Or, does anyone know of any good public land to take nuisance geese in Sept? Private property is just to hard to get ahold of.Thanks.:help:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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