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Mitch Rompola

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. The truth about the Rompola Buck is that it IS the world record whitetail.

    Q. Why wont he have it scored?
    A. Mitch was a scorer for Commorative Bucks of Michigan, and Boone and Crockett. He was a postal worker that was fired for mail fraud. He was arrested for looking up womens dresses with a camera on the end of a stick. After he was arrested and fired, Boone and Crockett dropped him as a scorer. Mitch has been bitter with them ever since. Mitch wont under any circumstance have any of his deer scored.

    Q. How can we be sure its real?
    A. Boone and Crockett scorer Gary Berger from Commorative Bucks of Michigan has scored this buck. Mr. Berger has scored this buck with two other Michigan B&C scorers. Mr. Berger and two Michigan conservation officers saw the rack and skull before the buck was mounted. The buck scored 218 5/8.

    Q. Why did Mitch Rompola sign a contract with Milo Hanson saying the buck was not a world record?
    A. Because he did not want to minimize Hansons income from deer shows and outdoor shows claiming to have the worlds biggest buck. Since he was not going to have his scored, why claim it was bigger than Hansons. By signing the contract saying he would not promote his deer as the biggest buck, Hanson could continue touring his deer.

    This is the Rompola Buck Truth, as told by Gary Berger.

    [​IMG]Detroit Free Press
    January 13, 2000

    CANADIAN farmer Milo Hanson tried to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why Traverse City hunter Mitch Rompola signed a legal agreement that he no longer would claim to have killed the world-record whitetail deer.

    "I don't know why he would sign that agreement unless the deer is a fake," Hanson, the real record-holder, said Wednesday. "I know I would never have signed something like that. If it was me, I'd have just sent my $25 in to Boone & Crockett, had the deer entered in the books, and been done with it." By signing the agreement, Rompola staved off a threatened lawsuit by Hanson and his partner, Arkansas businessman John Butler, who say their earnings from Hanson's record buck have been compromised by Rompola's unsubstantiated claims.

    It was Nov. 13, 1998, when Rompola killed in Grand Traverse County what he later said was a deer that scored 216 5/8 on the Boone & Crockett scale, three inches bigger than the Boone & Crockett-record whitetail Hanson killed in Saskatchewan five years earlier.

    A reporter for Rompola's hometown paper, the Traverse City Record Eagle, and I were the first to report it a few days later, and when hunters around the country learned of the claim through those newspapers' Internet web sites, the explosion of interest was incredible.

    And therein lies the real root of Rompola's problem: He just never realized how big this thing was going to be.

    Rompola dumbfounded the hunting world by announcing that he was angry at B&C and wasn't going to enter the deer in the books. During the ensuing months, he also claimed that four scorers flew into the state to measure the deer secretly, then dropped that claim and had it scored by three Michigan measurers, who said it indeed surpassed Hanson's record.

    But they only saw the rack mounted, and Rompola refused to allow it to be X-rayed, although by then several experts were saying it was a fake, cobbled together from bits of other racks or plastic resins. And Rompola still didn't submit to Boone & Crockett.

    He continued to make bizarre and contradictory statements and refused to talk to reporters. But while he suddenly announced that he never claimed it was a world record (a statement that wasn't true), he still said it outscored Hanson's deer by three inches, and the photo of "the Rompola Buck" was being used to sell everything from bows to deer scents.

    Hanson wasn't going to do anything about Rompola's claims until the next B&C panel scoring in 2001, when the top deer from the previous three years will be measured and officially accepted as records.

    "I thought he might be waiting until the panel score, and then was going to come forward and say, 'Here's the world record,' so I was going to kind of wait and see," Hanson said.

    But Hanson's beautiful whitetail mount earns a fair amount of money for him and Butler through outdoors shows, reproductions, caps and the like. Butler became upset when Rompola's claims started to affect them financially.

    "Some shows were kind of reluctant to book us," Hanson said. "They said they figured the Rompola buck would be coming down the road pretty soon. And we had just come out with nice prints of our deer, and here they were selling pictures of Rompola's buck."

    So Butler, a no-nonsense guy, got a lawyer and called Rompola's bluff. And Rompola folded.

    The agreement says Rompola won't claim his deer is a world record and won't try to enter it with B&C unless somebody kills one bigger than Hanson's. That last bit is legal language required, because in that case, Hanson's deer wouldn't be the record and he wouldn't have anything to complain about.

    The agreement may have staved off a suit but otherwise won't make life much easier for Rompola.

    Craig Calderone, owner of the Whitetail Hall of Fame Museum in Grass Lake and a longtime Rompola doubter and critic, said: "What do you say about something like this? Of course it says the antlers are a fake. And the bigger question is, what does this say about all those other record deer he claims to have killed over the years?"

    Publicity about the world record already had caused people to analyze Rompola's claims to have killed anywhere from 12 to 21 record-book deer (he entered only a dozen but says he killed nine more) over a 20-year period in a part of northern Michigan where no one else has killed more than one (and where deer that score 150 are big).

    A mathematical analysis of those claims by a statistician found them to be incredibly implausible.

    And when I looked at Rompola's claims to have killed his first deer with a bow at age 9 (and with a field point) and to have killed the Missouri record non-typical with a bow at 14, they looked very shaky. In one instance, he claimed to have used a broadhead that wasn't sold until a couple of years later.

    Oh, there still will be a few people who will claim Rompola is simply a martyr to never-identified powerful "interests," or that he's just an independent good ol' boy who wouldn't bow to the powers-that-be.

    And there also are people who believe the U.S. Air Force has the bodies of little green men from Mars stashed in a hanger somewhere in the desert, and that the world was going to end Jan. 1, 2000.

    But when I looked this morning, we were all still around

  3. I laughed out loud at this comment. I agree with you, Hoyt. I have read a great deal about this deer and am nowhere close to being convinced that this deer is legit in any way...but it doesn't really matter anyway, since he signed the contract with Hanson. This website has some interesting info.
  4. Where is the PROOF???

    An x-ray is the only burden of proof that will convince me! The United State Government also says that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter on Nov. 22, 1963. Do you believe that? Don't even get me started on the single bullet theory!!:banghead3
  5. I asked the B & C guys about the Rompola buck when I took the measuring class. They both told me that they would be happy to enter the deer in the record book as soon as it is x-rayed. They told me the ball was in Mitch's court to have it x-rayed. They have asked other people to do the same thing for various reasons. One that they showed me was of a giant mule deer. Someone bought a bar and the rack was hanging in it. The new owners decided to have it measured for the book. There was no history on the deer so B & C asked to have it x-rayed. X-Rays revealed the rack was made up of several smaller racks and pieces screwed and bonded together.
  6. If a person is willing to lay claim to something, then I think they should be willing to back it up. Rompola seems to expect all of us to just take his word on his buck. An x-ray would go a long way in putting an end to the controversy. I'd like to believe his buck is for real, but I can't.
  7. HMMMMM:grouphug:
  8. Ever wonder why people thought it was fake?? Because they knew he didnt want to score it. People jump on the "fake" wagon when they cant get the pleasure of knowing for sure.

    Nobody has said that the Morgan county buck was fake....ya know why????
    Because its only supposed to score 200. If that buck would have green scored 230, EVERYONE would say it must be fake.
  9. He should not have claimed to have a world record without legitimizing that claim by having it scored under the criteria that records are kept. If you make a claim, such as this, without substantiation you set the stage for the problems/rumors/disbelief/etc. that has surrounded this situation. The agreement he signed with Hanson says a lot about his claim, in my opinion. He has achieved many things from his being...we are still talking about it!

  10. HuggyPoo,
    He never claimed it was a world record, his friends and the scorers he knew were the ones that "claimed" the buck as a world record. He knew before he shot the deer that he would never deal with Boone and Crockett again. He just stated that he killed a buck that scored 218 typical. He never used the words "world record".
  11. Written by Larry Huffman:

    "After reporting most of the controversy surrounding the buck, Sharp’s article of March 18, 1999 stated that Rompola never claimed his buck was a World Record.

    Rompola, a former measurer for both Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young, would not divulge the green score but said ' even if you lopped off two five inch tines projecting from the inside of the rack, it would still be way bigger than the Hanson buck.' If that is not claiming that he had shot a New World record buck then I don’t know what is."
  12. It's not as good as your claim to fame James, and you haven't even shot your '06 buck yet!!!
    By the way, I'll drop by to help you gut and cape it, if we go halvsies on the take....truck, atv, pair of new bows, dealer endorsements, that kinda thing.
  13. Thanks for all the support from you fellas, in my quest for the 220 typical from Steuben Co. I promise, if it's that big, I WILL claim that it is a world record!