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mixed emotions

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by crookedlake92, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Well, I must admit I hung up a smaller nine-pointer tonite...... Definitely not the buck I was looking for, but he had a really boogered up hind leg. I couldn't let him walk knowing he probably wouldn't make it through the winter. HOWEVER, he will eat damn nicely! Still put a smile on my face knowing he was my buck. My dad helped me track him down right after dark. I bet we've went through that motion atleast 20 times in my 33 years. THAT'S PRETTY COOL STUFF. Gotta love the guy! Be safe, I'll be out with my bow in the A.M.

  2. True......i would have done the same thing.
  3. Sounds like the right choice to me. Congradulations on your buck.
  4. I agree....congratulations on your buck, crooked.
  5. I feel good about taking him, but I just got down from my stand having watched a big eight right on a doe. He kinda pushed her around for an hour, like he thought she was gonna put out. I thought about arrowing the doe, but didn't want to give up my location to the big boy. Might want to get him next year....He'll be a dandy. Back to meat grinder, picked up a 1.35 hp grinder at Gander Mt. Makes life real easy!