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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by jstalljon, May 31, 2007.

  1. Had an evening of hard work at the lake last night hauling rock, mowing, and other odd jobs, but then I had nothing to do but enjoy some time getting a line wet, throwing back a few iced cold beverages, and some well needed solitude!

    Took up a nice hunk of venison, and a bag of walleyes fillets, found a few veggies in the fridge and some left over was the result....

    Cajun battered walleye, Garlic/black peppercorn encrusted backstrap, zucchini/onion/pepper salad....:corkysm55


    And of course I made enough for leftovers..... :evil:

  2. thats phone never rang...i must have had it shut off

  3. If the fish has already been you still need the IS measuring tool in the photos????????
  4. I took it as far as to use an IS measuring tool for EACH fillet! :dizzy: :evil:
  5. IS measuring tool...
    beer has just been renamed
    think i'll pick up about 6 measuring tools tonight...
  6. I can't believe you never called.

    I had a plate of mac-n-cheese waiting for me when I got home.:(

    Man, the Stallion really does have it all.:bouncy:
  7. Looks awesome Jon, yer hitting me where it counts brother. I haven't had walleye for a couple of years and I miss it bad.
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  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Why, that looks good enough to eat.
  9. you let your wife throw out my turkey wings and I still didnt get a phone call? Man what is this site coming too.
  10. Sorry fellas...I don't have a cell signal at the lake. :rolleyes:

    At least that's what I tell the Mrs.:evilsmile

    I'm still working on her about an I.S. gathering at the Stallagio this summer....for some reason she thinks it will be nothing but a bunch of guys standing around getting drunk off the kegerator! :(

    Don't know where she'd ever get that idea??? Derek...Jonesy....Fuzzy...maybe you guys can shed some light! :evil:

    I'll hopefully get some dates pinned down soon.... smoke some turkey breast, fry some fish, sear some backstrap.....a critter extravaganza!
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  11. Jon, if that won't work, honestly, we could do something at my place, maybe in August. No pool, but we do have a lake for the kids to play in. Just think of all the dead critter we could get cooked up with a couple dozen I.S. guys on hand.:yikes: I've got plenty of lawn space to accommodate outdoor activities, an archery target out to 60+ yards, a barn to hang out in, fire ring (small but effective). No kegorator, but I'm sure we can adapt and over come.

    Just a thought.

    Deep fried turkeys, smoked turkeys, fried fish, venison, bear, small game, man we could have a heck of a cook out!
  12. August is good for me...after the 5th...haha...i'll bring a hot wife haha
  13. Either way works for me Derek....are you thinking whole families? Or just "the guys"?
  14. Kids make a party, so it has to be entire families. I'm not sure what is better entertainment, watching the kids do the things only kids do ... or watching a stressed out dad deal with an exhausted kid in full "melt down" mode. Either way that is just fun that you can't pay enough to see.:biggrin:
  15. Stallion, your a fag! DARN that looks good!

    Geeee I have no idea why your wife would think a bunch of fellers would find your kegerator and hang around it......nope, not me, never think of it...........LOOK OUT FELLERS LIGHTNING IS ABOUT TO.............................chit it got me.