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Mock Scrapes

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by FINS&GRINS, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. When Is The Most Effective Time To Use Mock Scrapes And How Do You Make Yours And What Kind Of Scents Do You Use In Them
  2. I Make Them Right Before Bow Season Comes In , About 24 In. Around , Hoe Up Dirt 4 To 6" Put Wax Paper In Depression Then Cover Back Up Then Put Buck Piss In It About One Time Per Week Also Take Machetti And Scar Tree With An Overhanging Limb 5 To7 Ft Above Ground , Always Wear Rubber Gloves & Boots To Hold Human Scent To A Min. This Will Start A Tufr War In That Area As Soon As Bucks Start To Shead, Their Testosterone Level Is Raising Rapidly They Will Start To Mark Their Turf Just In Time For Opening Day Wich Works To My Advantage . Any Advantage You Can Get On A Mature Buck Is A Plus Good Luck Everybody!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Continuous Scrape Set is good stuff...use it in conjunction with Mike's method above.
  4. I usually put out a few scrapes a couple weeks into the bow season and then keep them up thru the rut. I myself find overhanging branches about 5 ft off the ground. I then use a limb to scrape the ground and make a fairly large circle under the branch. Then I will hang a tarsal gland from the overhanging branch. I then place dominate buck urine on the tarsal gland, then add some to the scrape. Then I will put some Tinks 69 in the scrape as well. I have had good success using this strategy...
  5. dean do you use the fresh or the freeze dried?
  6. I've yet to use the freeze dried stuff Scrapewatcher, but I'm sure it's excellent stuff too. I use Fresh Doe in Estrus, Buck in Rut, and Continuous Scrape Set. I actually use CSS on my decoy set ups because it actually is a blend of both buck and doe urines. I highly recommend Mrs. Doe Pee products to everyone. I used to use other brands and really quit using "scents" several years ago because I found that it was a waste of money. Mrs. Doe Pee's is 100% real, undiluted, no preservatives deer urine. It really is as good as you've heard. Some people get hung up on the price of it, but it's worth every penny. Once you use it and see how good it works you'll understand what I'm talking about.I'd never turn anyone on to a bunk product. Except for maybe Quaildancer......

    If you do use the freezedried urine, remember to only use cold, diluted water and nothing else. Tap water has chemicals in it, and pond water has bacteria. Both will adversely effect the pheromones in the urine and ruin it.

    If any of you would like for your favorite pro shop to carry it e-mail me at

    If anyone on here orders some remember to get the special spray bottle. It's like a nasal sprayer and you can mist stuff. Also, if you use the regular pop top bottles, I highly recommend that you don't tip it upside down in your pack. Let's just say that I learned about this last season.:biggrin:
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  7. thanks!! just last week i read an article of his in the tri-county outrdoor news and had some great info on scents and how he got started. i think i'll get some.
  8. Dean...can you get me a disount on some since you are "connected"?
  9. I only hook up family and friends, Randal!!!!!!:evilsmile
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  10. That says a lot right haven't hooked up anyone have ya'???:cwm27: