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Mock Scraps

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by commando, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Anyone make a mock scrap? If so how do you go about it. I frequent a homemade trailcam forum and there is a great concoction a guy came up with.I have seen many great photos from his mock scraps. I have it in a pdf somewhere,so Ill look around for it to post later. It was a good read and with good results.
  2. My brother and I started to use scrape drippers filled with Mrs. Doe Pee's Continuous Scrape Set in them with good results. It was cool to see the scrapes actually get used. Most of it happens after dark of course.

  3. Yes after dark thats when a lot of critters move.He has many pics in evening and morning also.Its using your own pee.Ill find my pfd and copy it to here.
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  4. Here it is.

    How To Make A Mock Scrape by OBH

    Im going to be very long winded " as usual" here... But I think its worth a listen and a good trial before your convinced it does not work, bear in Mind this is My Observation and mine alone. I welcome others to chime in because I think its a good learning experience for us all to understand and learn from these cameras and share Ideas that each of us have experienced, brainstorm on what works and what does'nt from real true field experiences...

    Do NOT give up on this please... Bear with it for a spell... the rewards will be worth it I feel... but it takes some comittment...

    Im not sure why you encountered what you did... But ...Urine is Urine. Its a by product of fluids that we as mammals release and Deer and predators alike do not associatte it with Human, Unless Human scent is left in the area as a Byproduct of your leaving it there. touching trees and brush and whatnot in the area.

    what they associatte is Urine and scent left by a mammal that contains testosterone "Male" or Estrogen "Female" within that urine. This acts upon there curiosity as its from another mammal. Deer and all predators act upon scent and it stimulates there curiosity to scent check and understand it so they can interpret who or what left it. I am 100% convinced they do not associatte it as Human. But as merely mammal male or female...

    Scrapes are made year round, Not only in pre rut and rut activities, there year round, to a MUCHHHH less degree but are year round and can be worked year round with results. they are 95% more active during the fall when testosterone levels rise within Bucks causing velvet to shed, bachler groups to break off and rubbing to start due to Bucks expelling sexual frustration and preperation for dominance and breeding rights within the herd.

    scrapes become communication hubs to Bucks and does within an area, leaving there scent as to whom and what deer are in the area, they all get to know one another in an area and learn who is who and what is what, just as you do within your workplace. someone new starts you know about it.. Our main scensory device is sight, But for a deer its scent...

    this is why I feel Mock scrapes can be so effective, when established with Human urine its foreign to them and the herd and predators alike are attempting to associatte the scent. similar to a dog scenting his or her yard, or when taken for a walk and passing by an area occupied by another dog will go out of there way to mark over the other dogs signposts. they want there presence known.

    scrapes are used by all deer male and female. made 99% of the time by Bucks But used by does and bucks alike, etablish these early and freshen them often and as rut nears freshen them with urine and foreign soil samples from another herds area of scrapes and there a deadly combination. These scrapes will be taken over and run By the deer and activity within that area will pick up as well with rubs, other scrape activity and such...

    I make alot of Mock scrapes and start them in Mid summer. out of all the scrapes I do start and its ALOT...about 1/3rd maybe a lil less take off and of that 1/3rd another maybe 1/3rd reallllly take off. meaning are hit regular and become full blown communication Hubs where the deer in the area scent check them regular and work them over.

    I never setup cameras on these, because I dont want to Influence or change behaivior patterns that Im trying to develop, But will set them up on trails and areas I feel lead to these scrapes. approx 75-100 yards sometimes less or more depending on the area and cover related to the area.

    I do however setup cameras many times on Random trails and trails crossovers that I will sprinkle and scent with SMALLL amounts of urine to cause them to pause and scent check it, Or draw them from a trail over to scent and test an area, Once deer pattern and follow a trail they will often cause others to follow a trail used by a previous deer, My belief is one because they associatte another deer passed and attribute the area as being safe, and there curious to follow and maintain a social pattern and relationship with other deer using that particular trail.

    My Picture count is always best on a fresh setup for me and drops off fast as deer are conditioned to the flash and presence of the camera and driven off the area, or particular trail setup. often not far but will skirt it unless on a mineral lick or food source driving them to it. and this too Overtime many times will drive off good deer, Not some but many....

    I feel those with IR Cams get away with alot more here because its much less Intrusive. But overall I think its still Intrusive and effects behaivor to some degree with a %%% of the herd not all but some and typically more dominant deer.

    I never was concerned with getting alot of pictures at one time of a deer 1 Is enough to know he's there and came thru at a particular time and a particular day. It tells me he is using the area. I dont want to push them off and things become unnatural, they will pattern my behaivor much quicker than me ever patterning them so i like to remain on the outsirts of there key behaivor. this is why alot of my Pics are far away, because im set up away from the action to be less intrusive as to my presence. does it help I dont know, but I believe so in my own mind.

    I would like to here from others that use tactics such as this and place cams rite on them, My cams are all shutdown for rite now, have been for several weeks now as I like things to settle back to normal before the opener about 5 weeks I give it.

    I do mainatain my scrapes and have many being worked hard as we speak. I made 41 mocks total this year , thats alot 2 1/2 full days work going around and setting them all up and getting them going in areas I suspect would be good sites. creekbottoms. northeast ridgetops, field edges. roadcuts, open areas or meadows within timbered areas. field staging areas. etc...

    Of these 41 14 were active and 6 died off that leaves me with 8 being worked hard and heavy. appears to be daily..

    Of these 8 mock scrape areas rubs in that area are Numerous as well as Naturally started scrapes by the deer themselves. I counted numerous rubs and several this past saturday scouting trip My last before the opener here Oct 2nd.

    I also wont be back in those areas hunting them until about the 3rd week of October and into the rut... I will maintain them but not hunt them. I will hunt fringes and areas coming from the area. when I do maintain them I will watch for the Overhanging limbs to tell me the deers rut state Once I see the overhanging limb being worked I will then use a PreRut and Rut synthetic scent by Hawgs Unlimited in the scrape as well as forehead gland scent and then bring in tarsel gland scent and foreign soil and start moving in and hunting the core area as the rut builds trying to stay still on the fringes leading to and from these areas.

    I seldom hunt these scrape locations since Most scrapes are worked and accessed at night. But hunt the downwind side of them 60-100 yards downwind of them to hope getting a Buck scent checking it from a distance, and know this to be true from watching there activity coming in and checking them, with the tell tale Lip curl and Nose wetting with there Tounge trapping the scent with Moisture to test the wind for scent.

    To test this Concept it takes alot of time and commitment, But does offer good rewards at least for me it has, Hope you try it further...

    I would like to Finish this Book I created here "Sorry' But there have been times depending on what you eat that seems to effect or I feel affected the reactions seen by the Urine Mix.. Garlic alot of High Protein such as eating alot of red meat. etc. has seemed to work against me. Best results have been from urine sessions brought on by High amounts of fluid intakes any fluids. No idea why this is, But In my mind makes a differance.

    I mix 80-85% Human Urine to say 15-20% Ammonia and a pureed apple per gallon and age it approx 1 week in an open container then use as needed. Older the better it can get pretty ripe, will smell like pure ammonia when used.

    But fresh from the tap on a quick setup trail works wonders as well, the above is just my Concoction and seems to work for me.

    Anyone who got to this point in reading either thinks Im nuts or been drinking to many 12 packs making OBH Scrape Juice... so Fire away!!!
  5. Here are a few pics he had of a deer running his scrap line,


    I think this is one he harvested,not sure.
  6. ive heard and read alot of good things about pissin the scrapes yourself...thinkin about trying it this year
  7. [​IMG]

    I set out a trail camera on a mock scrape around the first week of October last season. I had lots of small bucks and does visit it, and it was all nighttime activity.

    I read an article in a hunting magazine once in which the well-known author was making mock scrapes and forgot to bring the deer urine along. He hesitantly decided to use his own urine, and it worked like a charm! He claims that deer are not spooked by it whatsoever.
  8. Same deer in all 4 pics...............not seeing the mock scrape I missing something?

    Good buck!! :coolgleam
  9. I've not tried it, but I've heard the same. The point that stood out to me was that the constitents in our urine that the deer would find alarming are dietary...garlic, coffee, asparagus....things like that.
  10. Scarlet,thats just one of many of his pics on the forum.This one was traveling between the mock scraps and thats where he had some cams setup. He has a lot at night but as you can see in day light also.
  11. As visible as that buck was in the daylight...............I assume it was taken this year? My guess is yes. :coolgleam
  12. That's a dandy, Commando.