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Monroe 17 April 2005

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Slowretrieve, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Arrived at the lake 2:00 p.m. Put in at Cutbank. Headed for the deep water. Day was clear and warm. Water temp ranged from 54-57 degrees. Clear water. Trolled for wipers initially. Two passes, no fish. Entered one of those fine coves Monroe is famous for. Started catching slab crappie. Nice fish. Caught about 20 crappie, 20 yellow bass, 8 bluegill and a 14" walleye. Trolled out of the cove when the first wiper (18" and 2.5 lbs) hit, nearly taking the pole with him. Caught 4 wipers in 8-18' of water. What a fish! Can't wait to go for more.

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