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Hit the water about 1:30 p.m. Light wind. Overcast and looking like rain. Ir temp was about 55. Water temp was a little higher. Put in near the dam. Water down there was almost clear; green in color with good visibility to about three feet. Started fishing to the south of Hardin Ridge. Unfortunately, there is a lot of floating plastic crap (i.e. chairs, tables, coolers, bumpers) all around the lake. I'm assuming it all belongs at Fairfield where the roof caved in. Never saw the shoreline looking so littered. Caught nothing around Hardin Ridge and went to Allen's Creek. Nothing. Went up the lake to the general area of the boy scout camp. Caught a few crappie and bluegills, then EUREKA! We found the wipers!
Two of us fishing and we kept the four biggest over 17 inches. Threw the other 20 or so back. Great day! They were hitting trolled white curly tailed grub 'n jig. White grubs. White jigs. Seemed to be that the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish. But then, any wiper is a great wiper.
By 7:00 p.m. the rain started and we had to drive the 10 miles back to the launch ramp in a hard rain.

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