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Fished the Big M for wipers these dates. Water was clear and the air warm in between rains. Pleasure boats were at a minimum for Memorial Day weekend, possibly because of the rain. Regardless of the reason, it was a pleasure being on the lake without them. DNR was out writing tickets on the big boats that were going over 10 mph after sunset; that's something you don't often see. Of course, during tight budget years how often do you see the DNR?

Took a lot of wipers, mostly in the five to eight pound class, in the Hardin Ridge area. Got most of them trolling chartreusse 6" Stump Jumpers in ten feet or less water. The bite seemed to be the best in the evenings and on overcast days. Had a couple of newbies with me and they were amazed at the strength of the fish. I believe they are wiper converts now. My personal best was an eight pounder on a Stump Jumper.

Also took several walleye and a lot of small crappie when the bigger fish were not biting. It was a successful weekend. Plan to head out today for Brookville in search of stripers.

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