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Monroe & Patoka

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Noblebowhunter, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Since most people up here think that the wild turkey should be the new state bird (nobody wants them dead) it looks like i will have to make a trip to s. indiana the second weekend IF im not successful up here at the places we have. There will be birds here just a lot of pressure and i get tired of it. Im just asking for some small help as far as camping...or some Do's and Dont's. Obviously i would take advice like someones old hot spots or somethin but most people wont give that out. Ive heard about parking at "wells ramp" at patoka and just take off walking ...thats the stage im at right now so any other help would be great. There will be 2 of us coming down. Even if any of you would want a couple partners for the weekend i gaurantee we would all get along and do some serious hunting.

  2. If you wanna head east I can point you in some good directions.
  3. Ill go about anywhere for some birds. You mean east of patoka?
  4. Hey NH,were headed to B-ville.Hopeing to hunt the opener but I might have a new job where I work.Could havta go on friday.We usualy came on the property.But you do see alot of hunters around in the feild.Been their 2 years and haven't made the kill yet!BUT,where else does a guy go?;) :cool:
  5. Patoka or Monroe

    One tatic that you might consider is to just take a boat and cruise around the shore line . You can hear those toms a gobblin , just pull the boat into the bank and go after him . You can hunt almost all the shore line legally and there are turkey all around the lake . I see them all the time that I am guiding fisherman. You can pick up a map of Patoka property up over by the entrance to the Newton Stewart Recration Area at the DNR Office Building .
  6. that is true i'm originally from the jasper area and patoka lake has a 200ft easement around the entire lake only places you cant hunt is the safety zones. i could possibly help you out with killin some birds there if i have one by that time, but truthfully patoka has birds all over or if you dont have any luck there you could try some hooiser national forest property too there is alot of that nearby.
  7. HOLY COW!! This thread is from '05 :) ... now i understand the pm's :)