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Monroe questions

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by bigling97, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. I'm from the land of Lincoln ( Illinois) and I want to go to Monroe this fall I've never been out there and was wondering what type of bass structure there is out there? Docks, points, trees, also somebody told me that a portion of the lake is closed for duck hunting. Were thinking about going in early to mid October any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty new to fishing and I want everyone to get into some fish. Thanks all!
  2. I'm not sure of the exact portion of the lake that is closed, but it is in the idle only area to the east of the Cutright Ramp. You will find good cover and good coves to fish in the Hardin Ridge area of the lake. In fact, if you can't find good fishing for bass from the causeway to the dam, you're not really trying. Try trolling. Put a minnow on about a 3" white curly tail grub on about a 1/4 oz. white jighead and troll some flats of about 3-9 feet of water. You'll probably stumble onto some of Monroe's fall wipers, and if you do catch any, you'll wonder why you ever thought fishing for lmb was interesting. Good luck!