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More Greene-Sullivan questions

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by 04srt4, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know where the Bass hot spots are? There are so many places to fish and I didnt want to spend the weekend looking for the Bass spots. Any other tips about Greene-Sullivan would be great. Thanks

  2. don't know much about green sullivan counties but i've always heard about those fine stripper pits. i can attest to turtle creek if your interested in trophy size bass. they've had a 20" size limit for yrs. and plenty of bass. and if you want to come a little farther boggs lake has a very nice bass population.

  3. Try Wampler Lake & T should catch some Bass at one or both of those lakes.
  4. Thanks. I am stuck with a two man boat. So, I dont think its safe on West Boggs.
  5. Where is Turtle Creek?
  6. Turtle Creek Reservoir is located at the Hoosier Energy - Merom Generating Station. It is a warm water discharge lake which allows the fish to grow faster and bigger than other lakes in the area. You DO NOT want to take a small boat on TCR...avg. depth is 8 ft. but with flat land surrounding and during windy conditions the "rollers" can get pretty bad out there. It is approx. 1800 acres of water.