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Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. read this report this am from Georgia 1st morel in the US ???

    Check this out|[SIZE=-1][/SIZE]|[SIZE=-1]March 11, 2007[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Chris Matherly| Macon, GA |
    March 11, 2007
    Found the first Morel in The Country (except for California) about 20 miles NE of Macon on Thursday! Another week, and we should be in good shape

    How many weeks to black morel season in Indiana?
  2. With the harsh late winter....I say tomorrow!!!!!!!:coco: But I will find my first before April 10th.:hide:

  3. be up soon in southern indiana.....almost 80 today...if it stays this hot may not have any at all...i've found the black morels in mid-march here before...usually up good by April 1
  4. I once heard someplace you find them musharoons by dead or dying elm trees.:coco:
  5. Elm trees, apple orchards, ash trees, mayapples.....I've found them by all of the above. You have to be careful, though, that you don't spend your day hunting dead or dying elm trees.
  6. OH my i cant wait. I hunt them everyday dang near normally runnin a 4 day cycle between my propertys/neighbors propertys :) :) hey if hes not gonna get them i am :) Last year was the first year since ive been turkey hunting that they were up in NE Indiana real good during turkey season.. I shot a bird...found a matchin 130" 8pt. sheds and picked 5lbs. of yellows on opening day ;)
  7. i can't wait either...i'll be heading south to look in about two weeks if it stays warm!
  8. I knew better, but I couldn't help it. I went for a walk thru the woods yesterday just in case a mushroom had decided to pop up.

    It was 75 degrees! What was I to do?

    Has anyone down south been so optimistic as to have a look?
  9. not yet but intend to go this weekend...redbuds are starting to bloom, as soon as dogwoods start time to hit it hard