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Morel hunting outing

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Has anyone ever held one of these? Is there enough who want to try?
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That sounds like fun!

Let Me know when and where!

the season is right around the corner. i will be stomping through the salamonie forrest in another month. just let me know when and where.
Im game... hunt everyday during season the way it is but would love to meet others on the IN sites.
How to set it up

Ok how do we do this. Should I 'give a shout out' to the other forums on this site to drum up interest? And how do we set up a time and place. Notice I said we. Howbout I mention it in another forum and we see what falls out. Wish me luck, I'm goin in. Will report back in a few. If I don't show up and you send a posse looking for me, for Chris sake don't send mushroom hunters. They walk too slow and they never look up.
I don't know Charlie, I have found more mushrooms walking behind some folks, than when going in alone...:coolgleam

We'll keep an Eye out for ya...

Sounds like a great idea- I'll come - but if you all are real mushroom hunters nobody will fess up to a good spot:biggrin:
i mainly hunt private ground. i bet the landowners would love to see 20 guys tromping over their property. i do hunt salamone...geez it took me 5 years to find out where they grow...are you taking us to your "hotspots", charlie. we need some rules and guidelines here. i suggest we hunt state ground where no one on this site has been to before. i am in, just not taking anyone to my spots...nothing personal, just mushroom hunting etiquette...
I have thought about this (a little). What if we hunt a big state area. Atleast at the end of the hunt we will all know if there are morels in that area, which can never hurt. No I don't think anyone will b giving up there private spots, but I wouldn't mind watching a couple experience hunters go after em. Educational. Soooo let's start er up and see. Who's got a suggestion for where to hunt?
sounds good to me charlie. not really familiar with your part of the state, so i will stick with mine...salamonie is massive,but i really dont like the timber not enough elm or ash for my liking. huntington is really the same way. so i dont suggest either one of those. i never have hunted tri-county or chain-o-lakes but people i know find them there, so i really dont know what to suggest. but i guess another question would be is who is coming(head count) and where are they coming from? might narrow down how big of woods and try to centrally locate a location. when? is another question. the later in the year the farther north we will have to go ...
i can find 'em with ya or without ya...not much interest here chapstick...count me out...maybe me and you can have a private hunt? i will meet you half-way to hobart brickie country......
OK Rico, we'll just let it ride. There night be some good chatter in here though, so we'll see. Later.
I'm up. i have good luck around Mongo. A lot of land and MUSHROOMS.the best spots are off limits though. a couple of my friends went in the goose perserve and found 15 over a foot long. but that is a restricted area.

A good place is in chain o lakes state park on the trail area south of dock lake. Many Many different years elms dead and pealing in the whole area. I am not sure of the pressure it recieves though. I do know of a few guys who hunt it and fill sacks every year.
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