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Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Aug 27, 2006.

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    This is when Goggleye jumps in...he knows all those terms.
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  2. Where has that fungus eating guy been anyway....and I dont want to hear school is back in session...he aint been here all summer....get out from underneath that rock "moss hog"!!!!!:evil:
  3. botanist studies plants .... mycologist studies fungi .... anyhow ... no im not .... but i do know a few scientific names for shrooms .... black morels (morchella angusticeps) ... half-free morel (morchella semilibera) AKA .... peckerhead, snakehead, longneck, etc ..... grey/yellow (morchella esculenta) .... smaller version of grey/yellow (morchella deliciosa) .... and the giants of all true morels .... the thick-footed (morchella crassipes)
  4. Rowdy


    I thought treehugger was another name for peckerhead.
  5. Rico you fungi! :) I worked like a dog all summer- I was too tired to even go fishing:coco: :mad:, since school started life has slowed down a little:) , I'm going to Vigo county this weekend to build my Aunt a porch. When I get back its time to go after the salmon! Fall mushroom season will start soon. Then deer- then the summit of the year- ice fishing:bowdown:
  6. Let's not forget "Dog Pecker" as another name for the half free morel (a.k.a morchella semilibera). Cary, sorry in advance if Kate sees this....but perhaps Jinna will like it??????

    And Rico, your yellow sure looks orange to me. Anyone else confused? I'd hate for our good folks to confuse your drawing with the False Morel, Brain Morel, etc. Hey Morchella and Goggle...can you put up the scientific name and a picture of the False Morel????????:biggrin:
  8. Hey Dean that yellow is 5 days old!!!!!
  9. Glad to see you putting your fingers to the keyboard! C'mon ice!!!!!!
  10. It looks fairly rigid for being that old. What do you do to them to keep the vitality up that long?

    This ought to be good!!
  11. I knew that Viagra would be one of the choices for an answer...anyone using this stuff? Does it really do what they say?:)
  12. It works on the mushrooms:biggrin: But on the other things I couldnt tell ya, I'm married with children!!!!!!