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Morgan Cty World Record???????

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by Hav2HuntEm, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. It has been well over the 60 days required to get an official score on the massive controversial buck from Morgan Cty. What has happened to this deer? Has anyone heard anything new about this brute?
  2. Hasn't been scored as far as I know.

    The deer hasn't been scored to my knowledge. And, the family doesn't seem to be responding to anyone's requests to do so. Don't know what will happen now.

  3. John Bogucki told me that he was going to score it, and that he had talked to the guy that killed it.
  4. don't get your hopes up

    I just talked to John a little while ago Bo. He tried to give them a call and the numbers no longer exist.
  5. overheard dnr officer talking about this buck he was saying it has been confiscated? thats all i heard
  6. who knows?

    The trauma of harvesting a world class buck that is close to being a world record has ruined this poor kid's existence (and his family). Or, he could just still be looking for someone to score the point next to the right brow time as the G2. Or, he could have sold it. Or, which I believe, it was all done with smoke and mirrors. I hope the poor kid doesn't turn into a monster buck slaying hermit like Rompala. I demand to see an X-ray!!
  7. Sam what was the name of the Officer you "overheard"? What County? Please don't start this B.S. again. THE DEER HAS NOT BEEN SIEZED!
  8. I've heard that they changed thier phone # and that the buck is going to score or net close to 200 inches due to the deductions. It is still one HECK of a buck!!!!!I heard this from some one in the IDHA. I hope we get to see this GIANT up at the show in INDY. does anyone know if they are bringing it?
    I want to see how my 184' looks beside him.:evil:
  9. show

    At least we'll be able to see your 184" at the show. Oh, and if the Ferguson buck is there (which it won't be), yours will look small next to it.

    Sam, you're right, there were DNR people saying that the rack was going to be confiscated.

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  10. YET. I think you forgot to say YET.
  11. lawman not starting bs just heard that statement sounds like dnr officers need to get on the same page? maybe thats the bs that needs to be fixed ?????ignorance is no excuse i think i've heard that somewhere!

    i don't like the thought of this deer being illegal

    it truely is an awesome buck for the hunter and the state
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  12. Still did not answer the question. What Officer, what county? When we have questions we call the Officer assigned to that particular area. In this is my county. Any questions give us a call , there are 3 of us assigned here and I can assure you we are all on the same page.
    Joel Arthur
    Bryan Knoy
    David Reese
  13. madison county, dave is all i know and it was heard in an archery shop there in madison county you would think all officers would have the same info being we all live by the same laws not being an a hole just feel like you are attacking something i heard from one of your fellow officers this fellow isn't very friendly probably setting myself up to be harrassed
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  14. With all the mystery surrounding the Morgantown Buck....will that increase or decrease the VALUE of the story when it is SOLD?

    Whats known so far.....

    The deer was NOT checked in by the successfull hunter

    The fella that did have time to transport the "RECORD CALLIBER" deer to the check station, had ALREADY checked in a buck deer in his name during the 2005 deer season

    The fella that checked the deer agreed to wear a "Outdoorsman" hat for the photo opportunity

    It all may very well be a "staged" event. Build a mystery into the record deer and jack up the price for the "real story".

    The "mystery" was staged from the very first post that hit the internet about this deer.
  15. Camby, you are wrong...... The subject that checked the deer had not checked a deer for the 2005 season.