Moultrie Game Spy 100 Digital Camera

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tine Lock, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys. Ive been looking a long time for a digital trail camera. I think that Stealth Camera has the best cameras on the market, but not the cheapest ones. I noticed that Walmart has the Moultrie Game Spy 100 digital camera on sale, and I wondered what you guys think of the product. I know about the cameras, but I haven't heard much input from other people that are experienced with the product. Does the battery life last long on them? Does the camera trigger the photo quickly? Does it take a good quality picture? Also are there any other recomendations for a good quality digital camera for under $150? Do you guys know of any sales that might include trail cameras around Whitley County?

    Here is the link if you don't know about the product.

    Thanks guys,
    Grant (AKA: TL)
  2. Grant, I have been looking at trail cameras quite a bit lately too. I know this is a model I have researched, but I don't remember the specifics off the top of my head. I have found one of the best thigns to do , is to go to Bass Pro Shops, and Cabelas, and read the reviews by outdoorsman that have purchased the product. They do a good job of commenting on the good and bad for the most part, and is a good way to get instant feedback from 1-20 people that have firsthand experience with the exact product you are interested in. I know it has helped me.


  3. Check this out

    I like this link. I am looking at a couple of digital cameras. Things I am looking for: Removable SD Card, water proof, good battery life.

  4. Just bought two Wildview Xtreme II cams for around $80 apiece at Menard's. 2.0 megapixels, SD/MMC capabilities, and they take pretty decent pictures. Haven't used them much in the field, but they seem like a very good cam for the price.
  5. Thanks Kyle, that link really helped me out. Anyone know of any sales going on or are coming up for trail cams? Dean anything at Gander?
  6. I've never used one but I've heard alot of good things about the Cuddeback Trail Cam. I know they are expensive but they say their the best. Good Luck Tine lock!
  7. Tine Lock, hurry to Big R when I was there a day or so ago then had the 100 spy cam for $69.00 ea and only had 3 left. They have all their cams on sale.
  8. Sportsman's Warehouse

    Sportsman's Warehouse runs some good sales up here. I would think they do back there in IN. Let me know what you get and how it turns out. I need a couple for my bear bait this year.

  9. I have a couple Moultrie Game Spy 200 Digital Cameras. They take good pics have sd slot water proof, battery life is pretty good except in extreme cold weather. I like mine.
  10. thanks for that web post kyle. that's a very good link.
  11. Hey gang while you are trying to figure out the cam you want the sales will be off. GET UP AND OUT THERE and get one now that they are on sale. I have seen them from $54 to $299. Big R had them $399 and on sale for $150, they had some from $79 to $199 for sale for $54 to $99.00. Don't miss out on the sale.
  12. Do you know what cameras were on sale 410? Don't have a license obviously and won't be able to make it up there for at least 10 days. If someone is planning on going to Big R take a gander at them, would ya?
  13. Tine Lock I bought one of the spy 100's for $69.00 and decide I didn't want it so I took it back and got a Wild View Extreme fir $79.00 instead and I love it.