Mr. T?

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  1. Fellas, A few deer seasons ago (don't remember how long ago for sure) I had a buck fawn right underneath me in a stand. I noticed a patch of hair in the shape of a half moon sticking up on his neck. I decided to nickname him "Mr. T" because of the Mohawk that it reminded me of. Well, on April 17th I got a few pictures of a buck the very same night that I set up my Cudde on a mineral block. In the picture you'll notice Mr. T is sniffing where I was only hours before. Check out the tuft of hair on his neck...I gotta believe that it's the same buck, but don't know for sure. This is pretty cool. Mudhole will post the pic. for me so you guys can see Mr. T's funny hair style.

    BTW, some of you will remember that I had a 3 legged doe that I nicknamed Cassidy (as in Hop Along Cassidy) out at my buddy's farm. Well, sadly, while mushrooming last Sunday evening, I found the Old Girl dead of unknown causes. It was pretty sad to see the poor 'ol girl hadn't made it. Her body wasn't there a few weeks ago. She was a trooper for sure. We'll miss her....
  2. There is a 3 legged doe that hangs out at near my brother's house in Allen Co. She has 1 or 2 fawns every year, and she can haul fanny when she needs to. I tried to sneak up on her one early evening (had a couple of beers...image that) and I thought that I could get close...wrong...

  3. I found it interesting that the other deer treated Cassidy badly. When she was a fawn in the fall of 2005 her button buck brother was always seen with her. He seemed to stand guard over her. And you're right, she could haul when needed. I snuck up on her and her brother after deer season in early 2006...when they finally spotted me they flew out of there. We originally were worried that the 'yotes would get her, but she survived all that.
  4. Look forward to seeing the pics deano
  5. Very cool.

    I've got a 3 legged doe that has been hanging around my house for the past 3 years. She's actually got all 4 legs, but she got hit when she was young, and her left front leg she carries up off the ground. It has gotten tiny over the years from lack of use. Anyway, after I shot that big dominant doe at my house last December, this 3 legged girl has taken over the local herd. She rules the roost so to speak now. It is funny watching her hobble around keeping all the other ladies in line.:coolgleam
  6. man i pitty da foo that get too close to that mineral block
  7. Do you have a Murdock? Or a "face"? You really do need the entire A-Team in my opinion...
  8. Silly boy...... Dean is a "Murdock".......
  9. 4 Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn't commit. Helping the innocent while on the run from the UUUUNNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I pity da foow dat messes 'wit Dean Weimer.
  10. I never knew Mr. T was a camo wearing sportsman........great vid JL!!
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  11. Laughing my arse off at the thought of that one!!:biggrin:

  12. JL, For some reason, I can picture you wearing a Mr. T starter kit!!~:evil: